What is ENFJ? Prominent advantages of giving individuals

Are you an ENFJ personality type and looking to learn more about yourself and suitable career options? Let's explore what it means to be an ENFJ and the outstanding qualities of giving individuals.


The MBTI test is a method that helps you understand yourself better and find a job that suits your personality. There are 16 personality types in MBTI, and today’s article will mention ENFJ, also known as “The Giver”. Let’s explore what ENFJ is and the prominent traits of this personality type.

1 What is ENFJ?

ENFJ stands for Extraverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging. It is a personality type in the MBTI test, also known as “The Teacher”, “The Protagonist”, “The Giver”, or “The Mentor”.

People with this personality type are often extraverted and tend to rely more on emotions than logic. They think symbolically and focus on underlying meanings rather than facts and figures. They prefer planning over improvisation and love helping others in their personal development.

In reality, the ENFJ personality type is quite rare. According to psychologist David Keirsey, ENFJs make up only about 2-3% of the world’s population. It is one of the rarest personality types, second only to INFJ (which makes up 1-3% of the population).

What is ENFJ?What is ENFJ?

2 Advantages of the ENFJ Personality Type


People with the ENFJ personality type are friendly, outgoing, and highly positive. They always want to help, encourage, and inspire others in their personal development.



ENFJs strive to maintain harmony among the people around them and avoid conflicts. They believe that healthy and positive relationships are crucial in all aspects of life.



People with the ENFJ personality type demonstrate excellent communication skills and are particularly good at persuading others. However, they use this skill not to manipulate others but to gain trust and affection from those around them.

This persuasive ability is advantageous in their careers, especially in fields related to service and counseling.


Leadership Skills

With their friendly and approachable nature, ENFJs have a wide network of relationships and strong persuasiveness, making them natural leaders. They excel at planning and easily convince those around them to agree with their plans.

Leadership SkillsLeadership Skills

With their inherent leadership skills, they are often the ones who plan and easily gain the agreement of those around them. Additionally, ENFJs want to help others discover their hidden potentials and develop themselves. As a result, the people around them trust ENFJs more.


Having principles is one of the distinguishing traits of ENFJs. They enjoy creating detailed plans for their work and personal life. They are very organized and live in an orderly manner, from keeping a tidy house, well-groomed clothes to their own rules in work.


Continuous Self-Improvement

ENFJs are often not content with staying in one place. They want to explore and test themselves in various fields. Instead of excelling in a specific field, they want to explore and participate in every field they can.

Continuous Self-ImprovementContinuous Self-Improvement

3 Weaknesses of ENFJ

Difficulty Making Decisions

ENFJs tend to have difficulty making decisive decisions. When it comes to logical matters, data, and non-personal arguments, they take some time to analyze and make decisions.

Difficulty Making DecisionsDifficulty Making Decisions

Lack of Self-focus

High-level career counselor at Myers-Briggs Company, Michael Segovia, once shared that when making decisions, ENFJs tend to consider the impact of the decision on the people around them. Therefore, they spend a lot of time deciding what is fair. As a result, they often become tired and forget about themselves.

Lack of Self-focusLack of Self-focus

Being Overly Self-Critical

ENFJs tend to blame themselves if something doesn’t go as expected, and even if everything goes smoothly, they still don’t think they did well enough. They always assimilate themselves with everyone else but forget about themselves, so ENFJs need to learn more about their own needs and concerns.

Being Overly Self-CriticalBeing Overly Self-Critical

Poor Reception of Criticism

Although being good leaders, sociable, and maintaining harmony, ENFJs are not good at receiving criticism. Sometimes, they even turn back to judge the attitude or opinions that are not in accordance with their own.

Poor Reception of CriticismPoor Reception of Criticism

4 Which Careers Suit the ENFJ Personality Type?

As a personality type with excellent leadership skills, sociability, principles, positivity, and persuasion, people with the ENFJ personality type are likely to excel in careers in education, volunteer work, public relations, business, counseling, etc.

Some possible careers include:

  • Teacher
  • Counselor
  • Social worker
  • Psychologist
  • Human resources manager
  • Manager
  • Fundraiser, charity work, social work
  • Marketing

However, ENFJs can excel in any field they choose, as long as they find interest in their work and have an environment that allows them to develop.

Which Careers Suit the ENFJ Personality Type?Which Careers Suit the ENFJ Personality Type?

5 Famous People with the ENFJ Personality Type

As one of the rarest personality types in the world, those with ENFJ have made significant contributions in various fields. Some prominent examples include:

  • Barack Obama: Former President of the United States
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.: Civil rights leader, social activist, and speaker
  • Kate Winslet: British actress, best known for her role as Rose in the iconic film Titanic
  • Zendaya: American actress, singer, and model
  • Emma Stone: American actress, Oscar winner for her lead role in La La Land
  • Oprah Winfrey: Television producer, actress, philanthropist
  • Donghae: South Korean idol, member of the group Super Junior
  • Minnie and Yuqi: Fourth-generation K-pop group members attracting much attention – (G)I-dle

Famous People with the ENFJ Personality TypeFamous People with the ENFJ Personality Type

That concludes the article on what ENFJ is and the prominent traits of “The Giver” personality type. Hopefully, it has provided you with interesting information about this personality type.

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