What is the Origin and Meaning of Vietnam’s Family Day (June 28)?

Celebrate the 21st anniversary of Vietnam Family Day on June 28, a day to honor Vietnamese families! Learn about the history and significance of this special day.


The Vietnamese culture always holds traditional values and family values in high regard. As a result, Vietnamese Family Day was established to honor and celebrate these values. This article will provide information on the significance and origin of Vietnamese Family Day.

Vietnamese Family Day is meant to pay tribute to the positive aspects of family life and to preserve and promote the cultural and spiritual significance of Vietnamese traditions. Each family may celebrate this day in their own unique way, but what remains constant is the warmth and familiarity felt when gathering with loved ones.

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Vietnamese Family Day to honor the good values of the familyVietnamese Family Day to honor the good values of the family

First Learn about Vietnamese Family Day

When is Vietnamese Family Day?

Every year on June 28th, Vietnamese Family Day is celebrated to honor the positive values and cultural heritage of the family unit, which has been passed down for thousands of years.

As the basic unit of society, a flourishing family contributes to the development of society as a whole. It is essential for every nation to cherish and love their families in order to ensure their own survival. Therefore, every year we set aside time to honor our families.

Vietnam Family Day 2021 falls on Monday, June 28, 2021. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Preserve and promote the cultural tradition of good behavior in the family in 2021”.

When is Vietnamese Family Day?When is Vietnamese Family Day?

Origin and meaning of Vietnamese Family Day?

Origin of Vietnamese Family Day

“It is right to care about the family, because many families add up to form a society. A good family makes a good society, and a good society makes a better family. The nucleus of society is the family.” – This affirmation by President Ho Chi Minh emphasizes the important role of the family in the development of society.

Hence, on May 4, 2001, the Vietnamese Prime Minister issued Decision No. 72/2001/QD-TTG, officially establishing Vietnamese Family Day. Every year, June 28th is a day for the entire nation, organizations, and government agencies to reinforce the care, protection, and education of children, thereby preserving the positive cultural values of Vietnam.

Origin of Vietnamese Family DayOrigin of Vietnamese Family Day

Meaning of Vietnamese Family Day – June 28th

Vietnamese Family Day holds a noble and sacred meaning as it is a day to honor the positive values of the family. It also serves as a reminder of our ancestral traditions, teaching children and future generations to love their homeland, country, and people, and to always support one another in any circumstances.

Furthermore, this occasion provides an opportunity for families to care for one another, while society as a whole focuses on the well-being of children and parents gain a deeper understanding of the value of family. Together, we strive to provide a conducive environment for the education and growth of our children, with the ultimate goal of building happy families.

Meaning of Vietnamese Family Day June 28Meaning of Vietnamese Family Day June 28

2 Theme of Vietnam Family Day 2022

Theme of Vietnam Family Day 2022Theme of Vietnam Family Day 2022

The family is considered an essential “cell” of society, a nurturing environment that shapes and develops individuals with good character and abilities to contribute to the country. The opening ceremony for Vietnam Family Day 2022 took place on the evening of June 25th in Hanoi, hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. In 2021, the theme was “Preserving and promoting the cultural tradition of good behavior in the family”. This year, in line with the national action month on domestic violence prevention and control, the Ministry has chosen the theme “Peaceful family – happy society”.

3 Meaningful wishes on Vietnamese Family Day

Meaningful wishes on Vietnamese Family DayMeaningful wishes on Vietnamese Family Day

The family is a haven of peace amidst the chaos of life. On the occasion of Vietnamese Family Day, I wish you and your parents eternal happiness, joy, and good health. May our family always be filled with love. I love and cherish my parents dearly.

On Vietnamese Family Day, I wish you not just happiness for today, but for all 364 days that follow.

On this special day, let us wish our family lifelong happiness and fulfillment. Together, let’s nurture and educate our children and siblings to build a better future!

We are blessed to have each other as family. Our parents love us dearly. Happy Vietnamese Family Day!

On Vietnamese Family Day, may our family always stand by and support one another. Our parents hold a deep love for our family.

Family love is the greatest gift in life. May you always cherish and protect the happiness of your family.

Thank you for standing with me through life’s storms and for building a home together. On Vietnamese Family Day, I wish strength, happiness, and a life filled with laughter for our family.

On Vietnam Family Day, I hope our family will always be happy and united, able to overcome any challenges and hardships that come our way.

No matter what the future holds, every day spent together is a happy day. May our family always find joy and happiness.

4 Gifts to celebrate Vietnamese Family Day

Gifts to celebrate Vietnamese Family DayGifts to celebrate Vietnamese Family Day

On Vietnamese Family Day, which falls on June 28th and honors the love and unity within Vietnamese families, many individuals may find themselves unsure of what gifts to give to their loved ones. In addition to traditional gifts such as flowers, clothing, and perfume, you may consider the following options:

  • Gifts for children: Toys, books, educational tools, etc.
  • Gifts for husbands/fathers: Nutritional supplements, watches, sports shoes, etc.
  • Gifts for wives/mothers: Cosmetics, travel vouchers, jewelry, etc.

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Vietnamese Family Day is fast approaching. Wishing you a wonderful and joyful day with your loved ones. Always cherish the precious moments that family brings.

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