What Zodiac Sign is Scorpio & Who are They Compatible With?

Have you been curious to learn more about the Scorpio zodiac sign? Uncover all the secrets with this in-depth exploration of the Scorpio zodiac sign! Read on for fascinating details and insights into the Scorpio zodiac.


Scorpio is one of the renowned zodiac signs known for its combative nature and decisiveness. Moreover, Scorpio individuals often exude a mysterious allure when interacting with those around them. In this article, we will delve into all the secrets about Scorpio!

What is the Scorpio zodiac sign?

The zodiac sign is a system that divides the sun’s orbit into 12 equal parts, each lasting approximately 30 to 31 days. The zodiac sign is often associated with the distinct characteristics and personalities of individuals born during different time periods of each sign.

Scorpio (English name: Scorpio) is the 8th sign in the sequence of the 12 zodiac signs. Scorpio spans from October 23 to November 22 and belongs to the water element. The symbol of Scorpio is ♏︎, an abbreviation for Mars.

What is the Scorpio zodiac sign?
What is the Scorpio zodiac sign?

Scorpio zodiac symbol

The symbol of Scorpio in astrology is a Scorpion with a curved, protruding tail, and a tough, heavy shell that conveys strength and steadfastness. It represents endurance, strength, and resilience in the face of challenges and difficulties. People born under the sign of Scorpio are often described as profound, decisive, and diligent in life, much like the character of a Scorpion.

Scorpio zodiac symbol
Scorpio zodiac symbol

Scorpio personality traits

Like other zodiac signs, Scorpio also exhibits unique characteristics and qualities in astrology and spirituality. People born under the sign of Scorpio are often described as patient, determined, reliable, and devoted. They possess deep, progressive, and meticulous personalities when pursuing their goals.

Scorpio personality traits
Scorpio personality traits

Scorpio lucky colors and objects

The lucky colors for Scorpio are warm colors such as red, orange, pink, yellow, and beige. These warm colors symbolize enthusiasm, determination, vitality, and hope, which align perfectly with the Scorpio personality.

  • Lucky numbers: 3, 4, 7, 9
  • Lucky flower: Lily symbolizing the tenacity of Scorpio
  • Lucky objects: Objects with moon and star symbols
  • Lucky gemstone: Aquamarine, lava stone, garnet.

Scorpio lucky colors and objects
Scorpio lucky colors and objects

Compatible zodiac signs with Scorpio

Scorpio females are compatible with Cancer and Libra:

  • Cancer:
    This sign belongs to the water element like Scorpio, so the personalities of both can easily harmonize. Cancer men are usually very sensitive and understanding, making them highly compatible with sensitive and thoughtful Scorpio women.
  • Libra:
    Libra men are often interesting, humorous, and proficient in communication, thus attracting the “mysterious” Scorpio women.

Scorpio males are compatible with Pisces and Virgo:

  • Pisces:
    Both Scorpio and Pisces belong to the water element, so they share many similarities. Pisces women are usually gentle and refined, which makes them highly appealing to Scorpio men.
  • Virgo:
    Virgo is an earth sign, so it can also blend well with the water element of Scorpio. Both Scorpio and Virgo have cautious, meticulous, and emotionally restrained personalities, leading to fewer conflicts.

Compatible zodiac signs with Scorpio
Compatible zodiac signs with Scorpio

Incompatible zodiac signs with Scorpio

Scorpio is generally less compatible with Taurus. Taurus individuals tend to be pragmatic and lack significant changes and breakthroughs in life. Conversely, Scorpio individuals are decisive, relentless, and prone to overthinking, making it challenging for these two signs to find common ground during conflicts.

Incompatible zodiac signs with Scorpio
Incompatible zodiac signs with Scorpio

Above is comprehensive information about the Scorpio zodiac sign, including birth dates, personality traits, lucky objects, and compatibility with other signs. Save and refer to this article to gain a better understanding of Scorpio individuals!

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