Why Bathroom Grout Turns Yellow and How to Fix It Effectively

Bathroom tiles get stained due to several reasons and they can be quite annoying to look at. Learn why bathroom tiles get stained easily and how to fix them effectively in this article!


Bathroom tiles can easily become yellowed and cause many people to have a headache to clean. So why do bathroom tiles turn yellow easily? Please refer to the following article to find out the common causes and simple ways to fix it!

1Causes of yellowing bathroom tiles

Poor quality tiles

If your bathroom is tiled with poor quality tiles, the water resistance is poor, it is very easy to turn yellow. Over time, stains will adhere to the tiles and be very difficult to clean.

Low quality tiles

Water source contains iron

Water contaminated with iron will have a light yellow color, if used for a long time, the bathroom tiles will have yellow rust stains. Iron-contaminated water not only causes loss of aesthetics but also affects the health of family members.

Water source contains iron

Do not clean tiled floors regularly

The tiled floor is not cleaned regularly during use, it is also very easy to get dirty, causing the tiles to turn yellow. Stains need to be scrubbed promptly to avoid the tiles turning yellow.

Do not clean the tiled floor regularly

2Notes when cleaning yellowed bathroom tiles

To minimize the unsightly yellowing of the bathroom floor, you should clean it regularly. When cleaning, remember to wear gloves to prevent cleaning agents from damaging your hands.

After cleaning, you should flush or wipe dry to avoid stagnant water. Do not pour tea, coffee, or colored water on the floor, as this can make the yellowing worse.

Notes when cleaning yellowed bathroom tiles

3Tips for cleaning yellowed floors

Use natural ingredients

You can use natural cleaning mixtures to clean the bathroom floor. You can refer to the following methods:

  • Using vinegar and laundry detergent: Mix 1 spoon into 200ml of clean water and boil, add laundry detergent and use this mixture to scrub the bathroom.
  • Using baking soda: Dissolve and . Pour this mixture on the stain and wait for about 2-3 minutes. Scrub the stain with a brush and warm water.

Use specialized cleaning products

Besides natural cleaning solutions, you can use specialized cleaning products to remove stubborn yellow stains. You should choose cleaning products from reputable brands to ensure safety for your health.

Tips for cleaning yellowed floors

The above are common causes and ways to fix a yellowed bathroom floor that we would like to send to you. Don’t forget to buy quality bathroom cleaning products like those above from us at extremely preferential prices.

Frequently asked questions

Water contaminated with iron will have a light yellow color. When used for an extended period, this water will leave yellow rust stains on your bathroom tiles, damaging their appearance and potentially impacting your family’s health.

Neglecting regular cleaning of your tiled floor can lead to a buildup of stains and dirt, making it easier for the tiles to turn yellow. Promptly scrubbing away stains is crucial to maintaining the appearance of your tiles.

To minimize unsightly yellowing, it’s recommended to clean your bathroom tiles regularly. Wear gloves during cleaning to protect your hands from harsh cleaning agents. After cleaning, ensure you flush or wipe the area dry to prevent stagnant water, which can worsen discoloration.

Yes, you can use natural cleaning mixtures such as vinegar and laundry detergent or baking soda. For the vinegar mixture, mix 1 spoon of vinegar with 200ml of clean water, boil it, and then add laundry detergent. Alternatively, dissolve baking soda in warm water, pour it on the stain, wait for a few minutes, and then scrub with a brush.

Absolutely! In addition to natural cleaning solutions, you can find specialized cleaning products designed to remove stubborn yellow stains. Opt for reputable brands to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the products.
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