Learn About the Top 10 Smartwatch Features You Should Know

Are you curious about the features a smartwatch can offer? Keep reading to find out what Dien May XANH has to say about the 10 essential functions of this convenient technology.


Enhancing work and lifestyle, smartwatches offer diverse functions to cater to users’ requirements effectively. Below is a comprehensive overview of the various features provided by smartwatches for seamless integration into users’ everyday lives.

“How to Set Up a SIM Card to Make Both Incoming and Outgoing Calls”

One of the notable features of a smartwatch is its capability to make phone calls and send messages independently, similar to a smartphone.

To fully unlock the capabilities of a smartwatch, including the ability to listen, make calls, send messages, and store information, it is necessary to insert a SIM card and a memory card into the device. These essential components provide the necessary connectivity and storage capacity to enable these functions.

To begin, carefully remove the back cover of the watch. Locate the SIM card slot and memory card slot, and follow the indicated arrow to remove the SIM card slot. Gently place the SIM card onto the slot and insert it until it audibly clicks into place.

Make calls on smartwatch easily thanks to SIM system

Effortlessly make calls on your smartwatch with the integrated SIM system

The Benefits of Using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G Connections

Bluetooth Connection with Phone

This function is a crucial feature of a smartwatch, allowing for the synchronization of messages, contacts, Bluetooth calls, and data transfer from the paired phone to the smartwatch.

Apple Watch S5 LTE 40mm steel frame steel strap silver

Connectivity: Wifi/3G

Certain smartwatch models feature the capability to connect to Wifi or 3G networks, allowing users to engage in web browsing and watch movies directly on their wearable devices. These advanced functionalities represent a significant upgrade from previous smartwatch iterations, catering to the growing demands of discerning customers.

When the smartwatch is connected to Wifi/3G, users can also make calls through various platforms such as Zalo, Facebook, and more.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 40mm aluminum frame pink silicone strap

“$20 Million in Funding Secured by Three Health-Monitoring Startups”

Record number of steps reached

Step Tracking Feature

The step tracking feature is one of the most sought-after functionalities in smartwatches for health tracking. This highly popular feature allows users to effortlessly monitor their physical activity by accurately detecting their movement patterns. By tracking and counting the number of steps taken, this feature provides real-time feedback, making it incredibly useful for individuals seeking to lead a more active lifestyle.

Not only does the step tracking feature enable users to keep a track of their daily step count, but it also serves as a valuable tool in assessing their level of physical activity. By displaying this information in real-time, users are able to identify if they have been leading a sedentary lifestyle or if they have been engaging in more physical activities.

Equipped with this knowledge, users are empowered to make informed decisions and take necessary steps towards improving their overall well-being. Whether it’s motivating oneself to walk more throughout the day or setting achievable fitness goals, the step tracking feature proves to be an indispensable companion for anyone looking to enhance their physical fitness and lifestyle.

step count

Calculating the Range of an Animal’s Movement

This feature provides users with accurate information about the distance covered within a specific time frame. The distance can be calculated using state-of-the-art technologies like GPS or by tracking the number of steps taken.

Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire smartwatch carbon silicone strap

Calculating Energy Usage to Decrease Greenhouse Gas Output

This web application is designed to help you calculate and track the amount of energy you have consumed over a specific period of time. It provides accurate insights and allows you to make informed decisions about your energy usage. By using this application, you can monitor and control your energy consumption more effectively, thereby promoting energy efficiency and reducing your environmental impact.

In order to provide you with accurate real-time information, our smartwatch undergoes a complex algorithm that combines various data inputs, including step count, movement intensity, distance traveled, and the integrated sensors within the device. This enables us to deliver the final number to you seamlessly.

heart rate measurement

How Sleep Tracking Apps Help Monitor Sleep Patterns

Sleep tracking is a highly sought-after feature on modern smartwatches, complementing their motion tracking capabilities. This functionality accurately monitors your sleep duration and quality, offering valuable insights and personalized recommendations to enhance your sleep experience.

 Apple Watch S6 44mm aluminum frame rubber strap blue

New Thermometer Offers More Accurate Body Temperature Measurement

Introducing a cutting-edge feature now available on select smartwatch models – the ability to accurately monitor body temperature. With an integrated sensor within the smartwatch itself, users can now conveniently measure their body temperature without the need for a separate thermometer. Experience the latest in wearable technology with this revolutionary advancement.

Detect Covid-19 Through Measuring Heart Rate

This functionality is exclusively available on select smartwatch devices, designed to facilitate health monitoring. With the capability to measure the user’s heart rate, it offers wearers the convenience of monitoring their cardiac activity during various activities such as exercise, work, or daily tasks, regardless of location.

Huawei Watch GT2 Pro 46mm leather strap

Positive Outcome Achieved Through Sports Training for Cancer Survivors

In light of the prevailing epidemic situation and the inclement rainy weather, outdoor exercises have become increasingly challenging. However, the inclusion of sports training applications in smartwatches eliminates the need for postponing exercise routines.

Experience a wide range of diverse exercises with our smartwatch. Designed for convenience, you can now workout from the comfort of your own home or take it with you to work or school. Our visual layout provides simple activation and ensures that you can achieve your goal of a slim body and improved health. Don’t miss out on this essential fitness companion.

The smartwatch provides not only health monitoring features but also supports various sports activities including swimming, cycling, golf, and tennis. Equipped with the advanced 3AIX sensor, it accurately records your training process and conveniently summarizes the data through a connected mobile application. This allows you to easily understand and follow the most scientific training direction.

Oppo Watch 46mm black silicone strap

Successfully Inserted a 5 Insert Memory Card

To install a memory card in a smartwatch, the process is similar to inserting a SIM card. Generally, smartwatches make use of a TF Card memory card.

One of the highly acclaimed features of a smartwatch is its expandable TF card memory card, which allows users to conveniently download and store music, photos, and videos for direct viewing.

Memory card insert function

Microsoft Updates Accurate GPS Positioning System

With the GPS support feature, the smartwatch is able to accurately calculate distance, determine precise location, and calculate altitude during sports activities. This makes it an extremely valuable function for users.

The Suunto 9 Baro titanium smartwatch, equipped with a silicone strap, offers precise altitude measurement during climbing activities. This is made possible by the advanced air pressure system integrated with a high-sensitivity GPS sensor.

7Voice Changer Apps Worth Exploring

One of the appealing features offered by smartwatches is the ability to modify your voice. This feature adds a playful element to conversations, allowing users to adopt various voices such as that of a child, a woman, a man, or even a cartoon character. Undoubtedly, this unique voice transformation is bound to astonish your friends.

voice change

“Discover the Perfect Anti-Lost Phone App”

It is a common concern to worry about losing or having a smartphone stolen when using it. However, a smartwatch provides a practical solution to this problem. Worn on the wrist, it becomes challenging for anyone to easily snatch the device away. Additionally, the smartwatch includes an anti-theft feature for smartphones, whereby if your phone surpasses the permitted distance range, the smartwatch will promptly sound an alarm.

Are you always forgetting where you placed your mobile phone? Our smartwatch has a Bluetooth connection feature that automatically disconnects and vibrates to alert you when the distance between the watch and your phone exceeds 10 meters.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 44mm aluminum frame leather strap

Report Shows Increase in Global App Downloads

Smartwatches available in the market offer comprehensive network connectivity and feature-rich application stores, enabling convenient downloads of various applications and games. Considered akin to miniature smartphones, these devices offer a multitude of functionalities.

Smartwatch with application download feature

Permission Granted for Filming and Photography in Public Spaces

In Vietnam, the smartwatch market is still relatively new compared to phones. However, these devices are rapidly evolving in terms of design and features to enhance user experience. In addition to their essential functionalities, smartwatches have also seen significant improvements in their camera and photography capabilities. The latest high-end models come equipped with advanced cameras, enabling users to capture high-quality photos and videos effortlessly.