The Ultimate Guide to Shopping with Vouchers: How to Spot and Avoid Scams

Counterfeit vouchers are on the rise, and it's essential to stay vigilant. Our vouchers have become a popular choice as meaningful gifts for partners and friends alike. Unfortunately, criminals have taken advantage of this, creating and selling fake vouchers to unsuspecting consumers. This article will guide you through the process of purchasing and verifying our genuine vouchers.


1 Warning: Fake Shopping Voucher Scams

We have recently encountered several incidents of shopping voucher fraud. Scammers contact potential victims, offering them discounted shopping vouchers for our store and The Gioi Di Dong. They claim to be employees who cannot use the vouchers themselves and wish to transfer the ownership.

After negotiating with the victim, the scammer will instruct them to place an order on our website and transfer the payment to their personal account, promising to activate the discount as discussed.

On the delivery date, we inform the victim that their order has not been paid for. Attempts to reach the scammer via phone or Facebook are unsuccessful.

Upon investigation, we discovered that the shopping vouchers were fake and not issued by us, rendering them useless. To avoid falling prey to such scams, we advise customers to only purchase shopping vouchers from our official website. For further assistance, please contact our hotline at 1900 232 461.

The front of our genuine shopping voucher

The back of our genuine shopping voucher

2 Guide to Purchasing Our Genuine Shopping Vouchers

Currently, we only sell shopping vouchers online at To purchase a voucher, please follow these steps carefully:

Step 1:

On the Shopping Voucher Purchase frame, select your desired denomination, then choose the quantity and click “Buy.”

Step 2:

After clicking “Buy,” fill in your personal details: full name, phone number, and email address. Then, click “Confirm.”

Step 3:

Upon completing Step 2, a “Successful Order” message will appear on the screen.

Simultaneously, a confirmation message will be sent to the phone number you provided during registration.

3 How to Verify the Authenticity of Our Shopping Vouchers

To verify the legitimacy of a shopping voucher, follow these steps:

In the Shopping Voucher Information Inquiry section, enter the voucher code, select the “I am not a robot” option, and then click “Check.”

Invalid or Non-existent Voucher Code

If the voucher code is invalid or non-existent, an error message will appear: “Incorrect card number, please check again.”

Unused Voucher Code

For unused voucher codes, the inquiry will display the shopping information with the status “Unused” and the application date will not be shown.

Used Voucher Code

For used voucher codes, the status will display as “Used”, along with the date of application.

We strongly advise customers to be vigilant and refrain from purchasing shopping vouchers from unverified sources to avoid being scammed. If you have any questions or concerns during this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out, and we will be happy to assist you.

Frequently asked questions

A voucher is like a ticket or a coupon that entitles the holder to a certain benefit, usually a discount or a free offer. You can redeem vouchers at specific stores or websites to get the promised benefit.

Vouchers can be found online on dedicated voucher websites, or on social media platforms, and sometimes they are sent directly to your email inbox by companies. You can also find them in newspapers, magazines, and even on product packaging.

Yes, there are several types including discount vouchers, which offer a percentage or fixed amount off your purchase; gift vouchers, which are like gift cards that can be used at specific stores; and promotional vouchers, which are often used by companies to promote a new product or service.

Always check the expiry date and any terms and conditions associated with the voucher. Look for a reputable source and be wary of vouchers that seem too good to be true. Also, check for secure connections (https) and trusted payment methods when redeeming vouchers online.

Be cautious of fake voucher websites that may install malware on your device or steal your personal information. Also, watch out for voucher phishing scams where you receive an email or message pretending to be from a legitimate company, asking you to provide sensitive information to claim a voucher.

If you suspect a scam, do not provide any personal or financial information. Report the scam to the relevant authorities and voucher companies, and use trusted security software to scan your device for any potential malware.

Only use vouchers from trusted sources and read the fine print to understand any restrictions. Combine vouchers with sales and promotions for greater savings, and consider using price comparison websites to find the best deals. Also, be cautious and vigilant to avoid falling prey to scams.