Here’s a Guide to Easily Verify Product Barcodes with Your Phone

Are you worried about the prevalence of counterfeit products on the market? GREEN SHOP has a solution! Learn how to use your phone to scan barcodes and ensure that the item you purchase is the real deal.


In order to verify the authenticity of a product, there are several methods available. However, the most effective way is to use your phone to scan the product barcode. Bach Khoa recommends this approach to users, as explained in this article.

First Barcode scanning software for smartphones

iCheck – Check App Merchandise

iCheck - Check App Merchandise iCheck – Check App Merchandise

As the name suggests, iCheck Scanner is a software that helps users verify the origin of a product. It not only detects counterfeit products, but also provides information on the nearest store locations, lowest prices, and any offers related to the user’s interests. Previously available only for iPhone users, the iCheck app has now been updated for Android smartphones as well.

iCheck scans and processes QR codes, and utilizes social networking features to facilitate easy identification of counterfeit goods. If the software detects low-quality or illegal products, it immediately notifies the user. iCheck has access to official data from the international barcode organization.

Software download links:

Vietnamese Barcode – Detecting counterfeit goods

Barcode Việt - Phát hiện hàng giả Vietnamese Barcode – Detecting fake goods

The Vietnamese Barcode software is extremely user-friendly and widely used in our country. It helps users identify barcodes on Vietnamese products. The software displays relevant information about the product, including the manufacturer, phone number, and price. This barcode scanning application is available for both Android and iOS devices.

With its intuitive interface and fast barcode recognition speed, Vietnamese Barcode has greatly improved over the years. It is considered an ideal choice for verifying barcodes and providing customers with a sense of security while shopping.

Software download links:

QRbot – Barcode Scanner

QRbot - Máy quét vạch mã QRbot – Barcode Scanner

QRbot is a highly useful software that helps users find quality products at affordable prices. It has a simple and smart interface, making it one of the most popular barcode scanning applications worldwide.

Software download links:

2 View product barcodes on websites

Online Barcode Reader

Online Barcode Reader is a popular website used for barcode checking. To view product barcodes on the website, simply use your phone with an internet connection and upload a photo containing the barcode section of the product you wish to check.

Online Barcode Reader Online Barcode Reader

In just a few seconds, the system will provide the results of your product barcode check.

Note: Ensure that you capture high-quality images, as the system may not be able to recognize and process a barcode of low image quality.

UPC Index

UPC Index offers a range of smart features that will put your mind at ease. To view product barcodes, simply enter the barcode directly into the UPC Index system and wait a few seconds for detailed results about the product you wish to check.

UPC Index UPC Index

Unique to UPC Index is its ability to view barcodes on any product or item that has a barcode on it. Additionally, UPC Index allows you to compare prices of the product you are considering with other similar products.

Barcode Lookup API

The Barcode Lookup API provides access to an extensive database of over 150 million unique items, allowing you to incorporate their information into your application.

Barcode Lookup API Barcode Lookup API

The Barcode Lookup API allows you to search for product and price data using UPC, EAN, ISBN, or keyword codes. With 34 unique product data fields available, including features, images, attributes, and prices, this API can be used to find missing product data, verify product information, analyze product types, and more.


Checkcosmetic Checkcosmetic

Checkcosmetic does not scan barcodes, but instead checks for batch codes (a short string of numbers or letters + numbers). Simply input the batch code of a product, and the system will provide information about its expiration date, including the production date, expiry date, and remaining shelf life. This tool is especially useful for products that do not have an expiration date printed on them.

With just your smartphone, you can easily determine the origin and authenticity of retail goods. We hope that the information provided above will help you accurately and quickly verify the products you come across!

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