3 Essential Steps for Keeping Your Newly Purchased Flowers Alive for More Than a Week

It is not uncommon for plants to die shortly after being purchased and planted, often due to this common mistake.


For beginners in flower gardening, most of them come to the flower market to buy plants to grow, or others will order online for delivery. However, many people complain that after buying flowers, the plants turn yellow or die shortly afterward, and they don’t know the reasons why.

In fact, this is not uncommon. Some people believe that this is due to poor flower quality. This is partly true, but not enough. One reason is that the newly purchased plants cannot survive for a week because you have done these 3 things.

1. Expose the plants to direct sunlight

Light is essential for plant growth, but most ornamental plants are kept in the shade in the flower market. Therefore, after bringing the plants home, you should not put them in direct sunlight, especially for shade-loving plants, otherwise, they will lose moisture and the leaves will turn yellow.

It is best to place the plants in a well-ventilated and light-containing area for maintenance. After about a week, when the plants are healthier, you can gradually increase the light to enable photosynthesis.

2. Replace the soil and pot immediately after purchase

The plants you just bought are usually planted in thin and nutrient-poor pots, with poor permeability. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the soil and pot after bringing the plants home. However, you should not do this right after bringing the plants home.

The reason is that the plants have not yet adapted to the new living environment. Once they are transplanted, the roots are easily damaged. Especially for plants with buds, you should absolutely not replace the soil and pot at this time.

The best time to replace the pot is 14 days after bringing the plants home, as the plants will have adapted to the new environment by then. For plants with blooms, wait until the flowers fade before “moving” the plants.

When replacing the soil, you need to thoroughly understand the growth characteristics of the plants to mix the soil properly for each type of plant.

3. Water the newly brought plants frequently

Fresh and healthy flowers and plants depend on “3 parts fertilizer, 7 parts water,” which shows how important fertilizing and watering the plants are. However, when you first bring the plants home, you should not water them frequently because the plants’ water absorption ability is not good at this time.

If you water them frequently, the plants are susceptible to being overwatered, with the roots accumulating water and the possibility of root rot or even death. At this time, you only need to keep the soil moist by using a sprayer to mist water onto the leaves and soil a small amount each time.

In addition, you should not fertilize the plants immediately after bringing them home, otherwise, the roots are easily burned. It is best to fertilize after 14 days of bringing the plants home, as the plants have adapted to the environment by then.

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