4 ways to beat the heat on scorching summer days without air conditioning at home

If your home doesn't have an air conditioner, try exploring all possible options to make your house cooler and more comfortable on hot sunny days.


1. Always ensure the room stays as cool as possible

To keep the room cool, you should identify the hottest spot where the most heat is absorbed accurately. Typically, the temperature drops the lowest from 4 am to 7 am. During that time, you should open the windows to allow the outside temperature to flow into the house.

To avoid sunlight during the day, you should use suitable curtains. Synthetic curtains usually heat up quickly and fade easily. Therefore, it is best to use thick white linen curtains.

If you don’t want the room to retain too much heat, you should store all dust-attracting items like rugs, sofa pillows. That is also a way to keep the air cleaner and cooler.

When the sun has set, cool air will come into the house, at that time you should use a few large towels, wet them and wring them onto the windows, that is the fastest way to cool the house. However, you shouldn’t leave the towels overnight, which will make the room damp.

Before going to bed, you should mop the house, wet the floor, which helps the room temperature to drop immediately and feel comfortable when sleeping.

2. Use ceiling fans

When the cost of buying an air conditioner is quite high, you should consider buying a ceiling fan, it will help the room stay cool and the air to circulate.

Ceiling fan helps to evenly distribute the air.

3. DIY air conditioner

Take a bowl of ice and place it in front of the fan. This is a way to make the room cooler. In addition, you can use 2 frozen water bottles placed outside, near where you sit to make the surrounding air cooler.

DIY air conditioner.

4. Cool the bed sheets

When it’s hot, you want to rest but the bed makes your back and body uncomfortable due to the higher temperature than you think. Use satin or synthetic bed sheets instead of cotton or silk. They will cool the skin because they absorb sweat quite well.

Cool the bed by cooling the bed sheets.

Another way to cool the bed is to remove the pillowcases and the bed sheets into the refrigerator. You should clean the refrigerator thoroughly and wrap the items tightly before putting them in the cool compartment to avoid the smell of food.

According to ttvn.toquoc.vn

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