Why is there always a chair at the end of a hotel room, what is it for?

People often wonder why hotels and guesthouses have to place a chair at the end of the bed.


Many hotels, whether in a modern or simple style, often have a chair at the end of the bed. Many people think that the purpose of the chair is to beautify the room. However, a hotel housekeeping staff revealed that the chair is not only for decoration and luxury, but also has many other uses.

Chair for storing clothes

In the hotel room, there is already a wardrobe for storing clothes, but usually we have the habit of taking off our coats when entering the room. Or sometimes we will take a shower and need to remove the old clothes without mixing them with the clean clothes in the wardrobe. And at that time, this sofa chair will serve that purpose.

Chair for guests to sit on before using the bed

When checking in, many people need to sit down to rest their backs to relieve back and leg fatigue, and also need a place for small items like handbags. And at that time, the chair will serve that purpose. Moreover, many people who travel far away may have bacteria and dust on their clothes, so they do not want to dirty the bed. They will sit temporarily on the chair to wait, relieve fatigue, take a shower, and then go to bed to rest.

Chair for putting on and taking off socks and shoes

When wearing shoes and socks, you need a convenient sitting point to easily put on and take off your socks and shoes. However, sitting on the bed can be quite high compared to when you put on socks. So a chair at the end of the bed is of suitable height for you to sit and bend down to put on and take off your shoes comfortably. This chair is especially useful for older people, pregnant women, and those with small children, as balancing is more difficult for older people, and sitting in a squatting position to put on and take off shoes can cause back and leg fatigue.

Chair to prevent blankets from falling off the bed

The chair placed at the end of the bed is intended to prevent the blanket from falling off the bed. Many guests have a habit of rolling around, kicking their feet, causing the blanket and pillow to fall to the floor. The chair at the end of the bed can prevent this from happening.

Chair for personal belongings

During a trip, you will surely have small personal items. If you leave them scattered around, it is easy to lose or waste time searching for them. Therefore, the sofa chair in the room can be a reasonable place to put your belongings. When the items are always in sight, everyone will not worry about the inconvenience of searching when needed. Of course, these items usually do not have high value.

Chair for receiving guests

Sometimes during a vacation, you may have guests visiting and sitting in the room to chat and play. Sitting on the bed at that time will be inconvenient, especially for guests of the opposite gender. Therefore, having an extra chair in the room will be more convenient for guests to sit on.

Chair for folding clothes

The chair at the end of the bed can also be used as a substitute for a table to help you have a more convenient place to fold clothes. Instead of folding while standing, you can place your clothes on the chair to have support and fold them.

Nowadays, many families also prepare such chairs in their bedrooms, which are very convenient and useful.