Amaze Your Family with This Unique “Magic Trick” of Stir-Frying Vegetables without Oil

Tired of using too much oil when cooking stir-fries? Here is an easy way to cut down oil and still enjoy the tasty flavors of your favorite stir-fry dishes.


From ancient times until now, stir-fried dishes have always been prepared with cooking oil or fat. According to culinary definition, stir-frying is the technique of cooking food by tossing it back and forth in a pan with a small amount of oil or fat, along with seasonings for flavor. Unlike deep frying, stir-fried dishes require only a small amount of oil or fat and the pan must be hot. The ingredients used for stir-frying can range from pork, beef, chicken to various vegetables.

Many households prefer stir-fried dishes over boiled ones because they believe that this cooking method enhances the flavor compared to boiling. However, it is important to note that, like frying or grilling, stir-fried dishes should not be consumed excessively due to their high fat content. Excessive consumption can lead to a greasy feeling, indigestion, and weight gain, which is not beneficial for overall health.

Try stir-frying vegetables without using a drop of cooking oil, you will amaze your family with this unique

When stir-frying food, the pan must be hot and unlike deep frying, stir-fried dishes only need a small amount of oil or fat. (Photo: Internet)

If you and your family enjoy stir-fried dishes but are concerned about the unhealthy nature of cooking oil, there is an alternative cooking method: stir-frying without cooking oil. It may sound unconventional, but this is a simple way to reduce the amount of cooking fat while still ensuring a delicious dish, just like when using oil for stir-frying. The alternative is to use water instead of cooking oil. Follow these steps:

– Place the pan on the stove with about 4 to 6 tablespoons of water. You can use bone broth or filtered water. Choose medium or medium-high heat.

– Heat the pan with water until it starts to evaporate.

– Add diced onions or any desired vegetables to start cooking. Cover the pan or stir frequently without using a cover.

– Add more water if necessary to prevent sticking.

– Continue adding vegetables to stir-fry in the usual order and season with desired seasonings until the dish is complete.

For example, if you want to stir-fry carrots with broccoli, first heat the pan with a little water, then add garlic and onions to sauté until fragrant. After a few minutes, add julienned carrots (cook for about 5 minutes), then add broccoli (cook for a few more minutes), season with desired seasonings. It’s a simple and healthy cooking method, isn’t it?

Try stir-frying vegetables without using a drop of cooking oil, you will amaze your family with this unique

You can still have a delicious stir-fried dish without using cooking oil. (Photo: Internet)

Try this method for your next stir-fried vegetable dish and enjoy a healthier cooking alternative.

(Source: gentleworld)

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