Realizing We Have Been Misusing Food for an Undetermined Amount of Time

Proper food processing is essential to ensure the food we eat has a pleasant taste and provides the necessary nutrients for our bodies. Without the right processing, food can lack flavor and essential nutrients.



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We often stir-fry cabbage with a few other vegetables, but scientific research suggests that this cooking method is not ideal. A study conducted in China found that stir-frying cabbage causes a loss of 24% of its vitamin C content, as well as a decrease in chlorophyll, protein, and sugar. Another study published in the journal Agricultural and Food Chemistry discovered that stir-frying cabbage leads to a 67% loss of carotenoids, which are beneficial antioxidants, due to the high heat involved.

Therefore, it is recommended to steam cabbage instead of stir-frying it in order to preserve its nutrients. Steam the cabbage separately from other ingredients used for stir-fry and mix them together after removing the pan from the heat.

Additionally, the core of cabbage often gets discarded without knowledge that it contains a significant amount of essential nutrients, such as fiber, vitamin C, and calcium. So, make sure to utilize the cabbage core in your cooking.


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When using beans for cooking, whether in sweet or savory dishes, it is important to soak them properly. While it is known that beans should be soaked, many people only soak them for a few hours. However, according to Professor Dr. Guy Chrosby, beans should be soaked overnight. He explains that by soaking beans in diluted saltwater overnight, the bean skins will soften, reducing cooking time. A review in the journal Gastronomy and Food Science discovered that soaking beans in diluted saltwater reduced cooking time by 53%.

Onions, Garlic

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Most people chop onions and garlic finely and cook them immediately. However, according to Guy Chrosby, the cancer-fighting compounds in onions, garlic, and flavonoids are activated when these ingredients are chopped or minced but tend to stop when exposed to heat. Therefore, it is advisable to let onions and garlic “rest” for a few minutes after chopping or mincing before cooking to preserve the beneficial compounds for the body.


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“You may not like to eat the core of a pineapple, but it contains a lot of bromelain – an anti-inflammatory substance,” says Dr. Elizabeth Shaw. Shaw recommends cutting the pineapple core and putting it into water to use. This way, you can both benefit from the nutrients in the pineapple core and increase your water intake.

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