Are You Truly Skilled in Kitchen Knife Techniques?

One of the most common tasks in the kitchen is cutting, chopping, and slicing. But do you really know how to use a knife properly? By following some simple tips from professional chefs, you can gain confidence in the kitchen while ensuring safety and precision.


1. Proper way to hold a knife

Choose a long, sharp pointed knife that is about 20cm in length!

Proper way to hold a knife

Place your index finger beneath the knife to hold it while tightening the grip with your thumb. The remaining fingers should grasp the knife handle.

2. Quick food cutting technique

Quick food cutting technique

Press the knife downwards and straight.

3. “Bear claw” technique

Tuck in fingertips for cutting

This trick prevents you from cutting your fingers while cutting food. Tuck in your fingertips to secure the food to be cut, instead of using your bare fingertips.

4. Cutting round food

Cutting carrots

For example, for carrots, cut them in half into pieces about 4-5cm long, then cut one side of the carrot to create a flat surface. Then proceed to slice and then julienne the carrot.

5. Cutting onion chess pieces

Cutting onions

Cut the onion into 4 parts horizontally, then place the knife near the root end and make vertical cuts. Then proceed to cut from the outside towards the root of the onion.

6. Shredding leafy vegetables

Cutting vegetables

First, stack the leaves together and tightly roll them up. Finally, all you need to do is cut according to technique 2, the quick food cutting technique and you are successful!

(Source: BuzzFeedBlue)