The More You Live in These Types of Homes, the More You Lose Luck. Family Gets Sick, Children Struggle to Prosper, Wealth Declines Day by Day

These are the types of houses commonly found in modern times, but according to feng shui, they are considered houses of great misfortune, so it is advisable to avoid them or find ways to resolve their negative energy.


Buying a house, building a house is a major event in life, so you need to pay attention to maintain a stable mindset when living in it. There are some types of houses according to feng shui that are very bad and can affect the financial luck of the family.

Houses in L-shape

In feng shui, houses built in an L-shape or with L-shaped decorations do not bring luck to the homeowners. From a scientific perspective, L-shaped lands or houses tend to have narrow and winding widths, or missing angles, so they are often lacking in light and have low humidity.

If an L-shaped house also has a north-facing entrance and frontage, it becomes even worse. L-shaped houses with missing angles, also known as knife houses, will cut off the development opportunities for the homeowners, affecting their financial prosperity.

According to feng shui beliefs, L-shaped houses can also bring disasters, endangering the homeowners. L-shaped houses tend to have negative energy, making the homeowners prone to illnesses, family disagreements, and financial depletion.


You should divide the space into 2 parts, using cabinets, decorative shelves to create 2 spaces for easy energy flow. You can also use a fish tank, aquarium, or feng shui statues to help resolve the negative feng shui.

Houses with a slope behind

Houses with a slope behind are usually houses in hilly areas, on embankments, or homeowners create raised areas with grass behind. However, houses with a slope behind are not good in terms of feng shui because the slope behind the house indicates that money enters through the front door and flows out through the rear door, taking away the luck and fortune of the homeowners. Therefore, the family finds it difficult to prosper and do well financially.

Moreover, when natural disasters occur, houses with a slope behind can be in danger due to erosion caused by heavy rain.

According to feng shui, the area behind the house should be higher but should not let water flow backwards into the house.

Solution for houses with a slope behind:

Feng shui experts suggest planting tall trees equivalent to the height of the house to attract energy from the slope back to the house. Alternatively, homeowners can place a large stone behind the house to create the feeling that the house is leaning against the mountain. This stone should be in the shape of a large dish, providing stability and bringing prosperity into the house.

Houses with little natural light that are always dark

The structure of a house needs to be well-ventilated and have natural light. But if for some reason the house is always dark, it will bring in negative energy. When the balance between yin and yang is disturbed, it can cause the homeowners to become sick, have difficulty in doing business, and have a weak mental state. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid having a house that lacks natural light.

Solution: You can create skylights to bring in natural light to the house, or use materials such as glass or translucent tiles to bring in light. In case these solutions are not feasible, you can install suitable chandeliers for the house.

Houses with overly wide entrance and narrow rear

In feng shui, if a house widens from the front to the back, it is extremely good in terms of feng shui, indicating that the future luck is getting better and better. However, if the house narrows at the rear, it means that it is declining. An overly wide entrance will disperse the energy, but a narrow entrance will block the flow of fortune and hinder good luck and good health.

Solution: At the entrance of the house, you should create a gentle curve to balance and prevent excessive wind and vital energy from rushing into the house. If the entrance is too wide, you can build a basement garage or arrange a parking space a little away from the house.

You can easily resolve these types of houses to create a comfortable and confident living environment. In addition, to avoid violating feng shui principles, you should avoid having a house lower than the street level, avoid placing messy objects, trash cans near the entrance, and avoid large trees or utility poles directly in front of the gate.

*This information is for reference only.