Eggshell gives more than just oil-free frying, this additional ingredient makes eggs not stick and have a deliciously tender taste.

When frying eggs, many people mistakenly pour a lot of oil into the pan, thinking that this will make the eggs taste better. However, this method is actually wrong.


If you use too much oil, the egg will come into direct contact with the bottom of the pan, so when frying the egg, it will stick to the pan or even deform the egg. This method is wrong and can’t produce a perfect fried egg. So, how can you cook a delicious fried egg, without just adding oil? Just pay attention to the following tips so that the egg doesn’t stick and has a softer and more delicious taste.

Don't just add oil to the egg, add this to prevent sticking and have a softer and more delicious taste-1

When frying an egg, you not only add oil but also add sugar or salt. Of course, which one you add depends on your taste. If you prefer it a little sweeter, you can add a little sugar, if you prefer it a little saltier, you can add a little salt.

In summary, adding something when frying eggs prevents protein denaturation and prevents the egg liquid from sticking to the pan.

Let’s try changing the way of frying sunny-side up eggs:

Step 1: Heat the pan and crack the egg into it as usual…

Step 2: Add a little water, this method will help create steam and ensure even cooking on both sides.

Step 3: Cover the pan and wait for about 45 seconds and it’s done!


According to Khoevadep