Explore Mishio: An Insight into the Popular Fitness and Health Equipment Brand

If you're wanting to revitalize your exercise regime, Mishio's health and fitness gear, including exercise bikes, massage chairs and various other equipment, is turning into the popular choice for home workout aficionados. But what is the story behind the Mishio label? Let's explore this and additional topics in this article.


1Gym and Fitness Equipment: Mishio – A Leading Brand in Vietnam

Mishio Kachi Import-Export Joint Stock Company is a reputable business specializing in household electrical appliances, kitchen equipment, home appliances, sports equipment, and furniture. The company owns three distinguished brands: Mishio, [brand name], and Airbike Sport. These Vietnamese brands have been established since 2013.

Gym and Fitness Equipment: Mishio - A Leading Brand in Vietnam

Among them, Mishio Airbike Sport specializes in importing and distributing sports products such as massage chairs, treadmills, exercise bikes, and more.

With six years of continuous progress, Mishio has established a strong market presence and gained the trust of Vietnamese consumers.

Mishio's products

With nearly 200 employees, branches in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, a comprehensive warehouse system, and reliable transportation vehicles, Mishio Kachi is steadily developing and solidifying its position in the market.

2High-Quality Gym Equipment from Mishio

Fitness Treadmill

Mishio Fitness Treadmill features a high-quality steel handle with sweat-resistant and non-slip properties for a secure grip during exercise. The treadmill’s stainless steel frame is coated with electrostatic paint, ensuring durability and a shiny appearance.

Mishio Fitness Treadmill

Illustrative image

With 8 cushioning pads, Mishio’s treadmill ensures ankle joint safety by effectively reducing shocks. The motor is protected, allowing the product to withstand a maximum load of 110 kg and increasing its lifespan.

In addition, the Mishio treadmill offers a variety of exercises with 12 running programs and adjustable speeds ranging from 0.8 to 14 km/h.

Exercise Bike

Mishio Exercise Bike is a fixed-seat type with handlebars. The frame is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, guaranteeing durability and resistance to rust even after prolonged use.

The seat is made of synthetic leather, providing a comfortable sitting experience, while the ABS plastic-covered handlebars ensure a firm grip. The bike also features modern heart rate sensors integrated into the handlebars for easy monitoring during workouts.

Mishio Exercise Bike

Illustrative image

The bike’s LCD screen control panel, equipped with physical buttons, clearly displays parameters such as heart rate, distance, time, speed, and calories. This allows users to easily monitor, adjust, and control their training progress.

Massage Chair

Mishio Massage Chair boasts a modern and luxurious design. The soft, durable EPU leather cover is water and sweat-resistant, enhancing comfort throughout the entire massage session.

This massage chair is designed with an S and L-shaped frame that provides a full embrace, following the body’s curves and distributing force evenly to every part, from the back to the waist. It caters to the needs of both older individuals and athletes.

Mishio Massage Chair

Illustrative image

Mishio’s massage chair offers six massage techniques, including acupressure, kneading, punching, pressing, scraping, and vibrating. The intensity can be easily adjusted using a remote control. It provides excellent support for relaxation, muscle massage, and alleviating muscle fatigue.

3Our Warranty Policy

Mishio Gym and Fitness Equipment is available at our supermarkets and on our website.

  • 100% genuine products.
  • Free installation.
  • 1-year official warranty with home pickup service.

Above is an article introducing the Mishio gym and fitness equipment brand. We hope this article provides you with valuable information about Mishio’s brand and products.

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