Exploring Style and Glamour: A Look at Street Style in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

In the vibrant city of Hanoi, women are taking fashion to the next level by embracing the trend of bright colors and stylish layering.


In Hanoi, women prefer to wear bold colors and incorporate trendy layering techniques into their outfits. The capital city of Vietnam is Hanoi.

Hanoi fashion
This lady chooses a simple set with a one-piece dress and a knit cardigan. The outfit stands out with the yellow color of the cardigan…
Hanoi fashion
…and also by adding interesting accessories like belts, high heels, and a plain clutch.
Hanoi fashion
Style, trendy, and eye-catching are words that can describe this lady’s outfit. She chose the “hidden pants” style with a long shirt which is very trendy.
Hanoi fashion
Black velvet high boots are paired perfectly with a leather jacket, gloves, and a trendy studded clutch.
Hanoi fashion
This girl is trying to hold onto a bit of summer with her off-shoulder outfit. Her style is both carefree and vintage-inspired.
Hanoi fashion
Thick black velvet pants are perfectly paired with an off-shoulder shirt. Accessories like high heels, clutch, and sunglasses… elevate the outfit with a luxurious look.
Hanoi fashion
Sexy lace dresses with revealing cuts are still favored by women, and on cold days, a coat is a suitable item to pair with it.
Hanoi fashion
On sunny days, you can learn from this lady how to simply combine and accentuate your street style with accessories.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City fashion
The weather in Ho Chi Minh City is mild and this lady goes out with a simple but attractive outfit. The basic items: a sleeveless white shirt…
Ho Chi Minh City fashion
…combined with green culottes becomes more eye-catching thanks to the tucked-in shirt and the combination with high heels.
Ho Chi Minh City fashion
Instead of choosing high heels, this lady chooses sneakers for her weekend street outfit.
Ho Chi Minh City fashion
This girl combines a casual t-shirt with a checkered skirt and casually drapes a stylish leather jacket over her shoulders.

According to a report by Youth Intelligence, the fashion choices in these two cities can be described as trendy and eye-catching.

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