4 Tips for Making Medical Declarations Online with Phones and Computers

With the COVID-19 epidemic posing a complex situation for all Vietnamese citizens, it is their responsibility to make a medical declaration. If you are unsure of how to do it, Dien May XANH is here to help with 4 methods to make a medical declaration online on your smart phone or computer.


Declare Your Health Status on the Website

Step 1: Open your device’s web browser and navigate to www.tokhaiyte.vn.

Truy cập vào www.tokhaiyte.vn từ trình duyệt của thiết bị.

Step 2: Choose the medical declaration object.

When completing a medical declaration, you must select one of the following options depending on the purpose:

  • Domestic Movement Declaration
  • Entry Declaration
  • Population-Wide Declaration

Dien May XANH will provide comprehensive guidance on the process of registering the entire population, as outlined in the Declaration.

Chọn đối tượng để thực hiện khai báo Y tế

Step 3:

Please provide your phone number to receive the One-Time Password (OTP) code.

Please enter the verification code sent to your registered phone number in the required box.

Nhập số điện thoại của bạn để nhận mã OTP

To proceed, please provide the following information accurately:

1. Full Name:
2. ID Card/CCCD/Passport:
3. Year of Birth:
4. Gender:
5. Nationality:
6. Contact Address in Vietnam (including Province, District/District, Ward/Commune, House Number):
7. Phone number:
8. Email (if any):

Please answer the questions displayed on the screen after providing the above information.

Điền các thông tin được yêu cầu trong bảng Khai báo Y tế

Step 5: Please enter the security code and click the “Submit Declaration” button to complete the process.

Nhập mã bảo mật và nhấn nút Gửi tờ khai để hoàn tất

Declaring Self-Isolation Through Bluezone App to Combat Covid-19 Transmission

Step 1: Access the Bluezone application.

To access the Bluezone application on your mobile device, first, launch the app. Next, navigate to the “Medical Declaration” option and proceed to select it. Finally, choose the specific “Medical Declaration” item that is displayed on your screen.

Mở Bluezone, chọn Khai báo y tế

Step 2:

Please declare the requested information.

To comply with the Ministry of Health’s requirements, please provide the following information:

– Full name
– Year of birth
– Gender
– Nationality
– Contact address
– Phone number
– Health insurance card number (optional)
– Card number ID/CCCD

Please respond to the following questions with a “Yes” or “No”:

1. Did you review the project requirements?
2. Did you communicate with your team members?
3. Did you provide an estimate for the project timeline?
4. Did you receive feedback from the client?
5. Did you make any necessary revisions based on the feedback?
6. Did you submit the final project?
7. Did you meet the project deadline?

Thank you for your cooperation.

Tiến hành kê khai thông tin được yêu cầu

Step 3: Please click the Submit declaration button to finish the process.

Nhấn nút Gửi tờ khai để hoàn tất

NCOVI App Launch: Three Declarations Announced

Step 1: Please register the phone number that will be used to receive the OTP code.

To begin, please open the NCOVI application and enter your phone number to receive the OTP code. Then, kindly press the “Get OTP code” button.

Please enter the OTP code sent to your phone by the system and click on the “Confirm” button to proceed.

Đăng ký SĐT, nhập OTP

Step 2: Please provide the requested personal information.

Please fill in the following information accurately and click on the “I confirm that this information is true declaration” checkbox. You will need to provide your Full name, Date of birth, Gender, ID number/CCCD/Passport, Nationality, Current address, and Phone. Once filled, click on the “OK” button to proceed.

Kê khai thông tin cá nhân được yêu cầu

Step 3: Provide responses to the questions regarding Risk Factor Information, and subsequently click on the Declare button.

Chọn câu trả lời Có - Không và nhấn Khai báo

Scanning QR Code with ZaloPay to Make a Declaration of 4

Step 1: Launch the Zalo application and scan the provided QR code.

To begin, access the Zalo application and locate the QR code scanning symbol positioned in the upper right corner of the interface. From there, proceed to aim your phone’s camera at the QR code in order to initiate the scanning process.

Mở ứng dụng Zalo và tiến hành quét mã QR

Step 2: Proceed to declare the necessary information.

The screen interface will now transition to the Medical Declaration form. Please carefully follow the provided instructions to input the necessary information. Once you have completed all required fields, kindly click the “Submit declaration” button to finalize the process.

Nhập các thông tin cần thiết vào rồi nhấn Gửi tờ khai

By scanning the QR code on Zalo and making a medical declaration, your declaration information will be automatically saved in the QR Folder. In the future, you can access the QR Folder on Zalo to view your desired declaration or simply click the QR scan button. Zalo will suggest using the most recent declaration within the last 24 hours for your convenience.

Khai báo các thông tin được yêu cầu

Tips for Completing a Medical Declaration Form

Important Notice: Medical Declaration for Disease Control

As part of our collective efforts to combat the spread of diseases, it is now mandatory for all citizens across Vietnam to complete a medical declaration. This crucial step will greatly contribute to safeguarding the health and well-being of our society.

How Are Violations of Medical Declaration Regulations Handled?

COVID-19 is classified as a Group A infectious disease according to Decision 219/QD-BYT. Consequently, individuals who fail to make accurate medical declarations or make false declarations, resulting in the transmission of COVID-19 to others, may face prosecution under Article 240 of the Penal Code 2015.

Fines for violations range from 10 to 200 million Vietnamese dong, and individuals can also face imprisonment for a period of 1 to 5 years.

Không khai báo y tế theo quy định bị xử lý thế nào?

Guidelines for Filling Out Medical Declarations for Foreign Visitors

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  • Please observe safety measures and maintain proper distancing when making medical declarations in crowded areas such as hospitals and supermarkets.
  • Please carefully read the required information before making the declaration correctly. When providing information to determine the level of risk, please read the information carefully and select the appropriate “Yes” or “No” response to ensure accurate declarations.

Các lưu ý khi khai báo y tế

For references and synthesis sources, please visit Zalo and the Ministry of Health. The provided information was last updated on July 21, 2021.

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