How to Identify Authentic and Fake Medical Masks

Are you worried about buying fake medical masks amid the increase of COVID-19 cases? Learn with Dien May XANH how to spot a real and fake mask and stay safe as you purchase one!


1 The Current Situation of Counterfeiting Medical Masks

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on global health, leading to a high demand for medical masks. As a result, many businesses have increased prices and even imported fake, imitation, and low-quality masks for sale.

The reality of counterfeiting medical masks

2 The Dangers of Wearing Fake Medical Masks of Poor Quality

Masks come into direct contact with the skin of the face and the respiratory tract, making it crucial to wear authentic medical masks of good quality. Wearing fake masks of poor quality can have unpredictable consequences.

Fake masks often use cheap materials such as cotton and cloth, causing allergies and skin redness in the nose and mouth. Additionally, poor quality masks may expose users to bacteria, viruses, and dust, leading to respiratory diseases.

The reality of counterfeiting medical masks

3 Ways to Distinguish Real and Fake Masks

Given the abundance of mask products in the market today, without proper inspection, it is important to know how to differentiate between real and fake masks. The following methods can be helpful:

Choose Reputable Brands and Check Parameters

When purchasing masks, opt for reputable brands that provide clear shipment information, as well as company or factory addresses with quality control approved by the Ministry of Health. Additionally, inspect the paper box for signs of peeling, dirt, or unclear ink.

Choose a reputable brand, quality, check the parameters

Soak the Mask in Water

To test the quality of a mask, soak it in water. A real mask will not be waterproof as it is designed to prevent droplets from both inside and outside. Poor quality masks will get wet and absorb water immediately.

Soak the mask in water

Inspect the Inside of the Mask

If you have soaked the mask in water, you can tear it apart to check its authenticity. A real mask will have an intact inner layer, while a fake mask will have a broken paper layer and produce small dust particles due to the poor quality filter cloth.

See the inside of the mask

Cut the Outermost Layer of the Mask

Another way to test the authenticity of a mask is by cutting its outermost layer and pulling it hard. A real mask will not tear because it is made of antibacterial fabric or paper. If the middle layer tears, it indicates a fake mask made from toilet paper or poor quality paper.

Cut the outermost layer of the mask

3 Notes When Buying Medical Masks

To avoid purchasing poor quality or counterfeit masks, consider the following:

  • Buy masks from pharmacies or reputable stores to ensure their origin. Avoid buying products sold along the sidewalk.
  • When purchasing, carefully check the information printed on the box, including the brand, place of manufacture, ingredients, expiry date, censorship time, and certificates from the Ministry of Health.
  • Check the color and condition of the mask box to ensure it has not been sold for too long.
  • Avoid choosing overly cheap masks, as their quality may correspond to their price.

Note when buying medical masks

Structure commonly found inside a mask

The above information provides guidance on how to differentiate between fake and real medical masks, allowing you to avoid being deceived. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below the article for support!

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