Guide to Easily Fix Panasonic Hot Water Machine Problems

Struggling with a malfunctioning Panasonic hot water machine? Don't despair - we have an effective solution to get it back up and running if you're not getting hot water. Let us walk you through the process of fixing it.


1Issue: Panasonic water heater does not turn on.

Cause: The most common cause is that the power source is not connected to the machine or there is a broken electrical circuit.

Solution: To resolve this issue, first check if the machine is properly connected to power. If it is connected and still not heating up, inspect the fuse of the electrical circuit for any damage. If the fuse is defective, replace it.

Panasonic water heater not turning on

2Issue: The machine is running but the water is not hot.

Cause: The temperature control circuit or water heating element is damaged, resulting in no hot water.

Solution: Check either the temperature control or the water heating element. Replace the faulty component with a new one.

Machine running but water not hot

3Issue: Water temperature too hot or weak water flow

Cause: Insufficient water pressure from the water tank or clogged water pipes can lead to weak water flow and excessively hot water temperature.

Solution: Check the water supply in your house to determine the reason for weak water pressure and increase the water tank if necessary. Clean any clogged water pipes to ensure stable water supply.

Water temperature too hot or weak water flow

4Issue: The temperature control button of the Panasonic hot water machine is broken.

Cause: The temperature control button on the machine helps in easily adjusting the water temperature. If the button is damaged, even setting it to the highest level may not produce hot water.

Solution: Replace the temperature control button with a new one to regain control over the water temperature.

Broken temperature control button

5Issue: The machine is overloaded

Cause: Excessive power usage can overload the machine, preventing it from heating the water efficiently within a reasonable time.

Solution: When purchasing a Panasonic water heater, ensure you are aware of its capacity to prevent overloading the machine during operation.

Overloaded machine

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