Home Remedies for Removing Tartar: Simple Solutions for a Brighter Smile

Dental tartar is a common issue, especially among children. Mothers can utilize readily available ingredients to help their children achieve sparkling pearly whites.


Tartar, often yellowish-brown in color, builds up around the gum line and easily leads to gingivitis and bad breath. The group most often affected by tartar is young children, because at this age they are often lazy or do not brush their teeth properly, leading to food getting stuck on their teeth.

Here are some tips that can help mothers clean their children’s teeth effectively in a surprisingly unexpected way.

Salt and lemon

These are 2 ingredients that are always available at home, so use salt and lemon to help your child clean tartar. The reason is because of the antibacterial properties of salt, combined with the effects of lemon, which will effectively combat bad breath. In addition, lemon will help your child’s teeth shine brighter due to its acid content.

The preparation method is quite simple, just mix a teaspoon of lemon juice and a little salt before rinsing your mouth for about 2 to 3 minutes. Make sure that each tooth gap is rinsed thoroughly with the above mixture and maintain it up to 2 times a week to help the teeth become cleaner and more beautiful.

Baking soda

This versatile ingredient will once again help mothers solve the problem of tartar. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a little salt, a little instant coffee powder, and then use the mixture like toothpaste to brush on the teeth.

Then, rinse your mouth with diluted salt water for 3 to 5 minutes, while rinsing with more clean water will help the tartar plaques dissolve, and no longer stick to the crevices of the teeth.

Coconut oil, olive oil

Coconut oil or olive oil is also a very simple but effective way to remove tartar. Each day, just use these oils to rub a small amount onto the entire tooth or between teeth for a few minutes to help prevent the formation of tartar plaques. In addition, rubbing coconut oil or olive oil will help strengthen teeth and make them shiny.


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Frequently asked questions

There are a few surprising yet effective home remedies. One is a mixture of salt and lemon juice, which has antibacterial properties and combats bad breath. Another is baking soda mixed with salt and instant coffee powder, used like toothpaste. Rinsing with diluted salt water or rubbing coconut/olive oil on teeth are also simple ways to prevent tartar buildup and strengthen teeth.

Salt has antibacterial properties, while lemon juice helps combat bad breath and adds shine to teeth due to its acid content.

It is recommended to use this mixture 2-3 times a week, ensuring that each tooth gap is thoroughly rinsed with the solution.

Yes, baking soda is a versatile ingredient. When mixed with salt and instant coffee powder, it can be used like toothpaste to help whiten teeth and improve oral health.

Rubbing a small amount of coconut or olive oil on the teeth for a few minutes each day helps prevent the formation of tartar plaques. It also strengthens teeth and makes them shiny.
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