How to Make Beautiful and Impressive Christmas Cards 2022

Simple and unique greeting cards will be a meaningful gift to give to your loved ones this Christmas 2022.


Make a Christmas tree pop-up card

This is a card with the idea of a 3D Christmas tree that is extremely cute and easy to make. To make the Christmas tree card, you need to prepare colored cardboard according to your preference, scissors, craft knife, various pencils, paint, glue, etc.

First, you fold the cardboard sheet and draw the Christmas tree in the middle. Then, you fold the paper in half and cut along the drawn lines. Next, you apply glue to the surface, excluding the Christmas tree part, and stick it onto a larger cardboard sheet. Decorate according to your preference, and you can also write some wishes to give to your loved ones.

Make a Christmas fingerprint card

To make a Christmas fingerprint card, you need cardboard, colored pens, ribbons, bows, etc. Then, use finger paint on your fingertip and print it onto the cardboard sheet. Use a pen to draw antlers, ears, nose, scarf… or follow your creative ideas.

Make a simple Christmas card from popsicle sticks or wooden sticks

With just a piece of cardboard, a popsicle stick or a small branch, and ribbon, you can make a unique Christmas card.

The first thing you need to do is find a popsicle stick or wooden stick that you like, then clean the surface and make sure it is dry. Use glue to stick it onto a folded cardboard sheet to make the Christmas tree shape. Choose ribbon with your favorite color and fold it in a zigzag shape around the tree trunk to create a resemblance to a Christmas tree. Use glue or double-sided tape to secure the ribbon attachment points on the card.

Attach a small star on top of the Christmas tree for decoration. Write the words “Merry Christmas” in your favorite font style on the card to create a focal point. There you have it, a simple yet unique Christmas card.

Make a snowflake-shaped Christmas card

Choose, print, and cut out your favorite snowflake shape from white paper. Then, use glue or nail polish to spread it on the snowflake shape and quickly sprinkle glitter on it. Finally, attach the snowflake shape to the folded cardboard sheet and add a cute bow.

With the same method and different snowflake patterns, you can create your own unique Christmas cards.

Make a snowman-shaped Christmas card

A Christmas card with a snowman pattern will be adorable when given to a loved one, friend, or family member. The pure white color along with cute shapes will surely capture the hearts of those who receive it at first sight.

Make a gift-shaped Christmas card

A gift is also a pattern commonly used in Christmas cards due to its festive and colorful nature. The image of a gift also conveys the wonderful and most interesting things in the gift for your loved ones.

Make a Christmas card with yarn

First, create the desired shape on the card, thread a needle along the drawn line, and then thread yarn through the needles. You can also add various beads to make the card more eye-catching. The materials needed to make a yarn Christmas card include yarn, cardboard, beads, yarn needle, pen, etc.

Make a cut-out Christmas card

To make a cut-out Christmas card, you can visit handmade accessory shops to choose from available decorative patterns such as snowflakes, colorful Christmas trees, glitter, beads, etc. Cut a circle on the cardboard sheet, arrange and stick the accessories, draw a base for the ornament into the circle like the image below, or you can create your own design according to your preference.

Tips for decorating eye-catching and sparkling Christmas cards

To decorate eye-catching Christmas cards, you can use colored pens, glitter, ribbons, etc. depending on your preference. In addition, you can handwrite messages to send to your relatives, friends, etc. You should choose a moderately thick type of paper, not too thin, as it will be difficult to shape and cut cleanly.

You should use a craft knife with a sharp tip to cut small details and achieve clean cuts. Also, always keep the edge of the knife at a right angle to the paper when cutting. You can combine different colored papers according to your preference, add letter stickers or image stickers to decorate the cards.

Vinh Nhi (compiled)

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