How to Properly Freeze Meat for Maximum Freshness

Ms. Dang Viet Linh (Hanoi) shares her expertise on how to properly freeze meat to keep it as fresh as if just bought, providing a convenience solution for housewives who have the habit of buying a lot of food to store for gradual use.


Preprocessing Meat

After purchasing meat, Mrs. Linh divides it into portions suitable for each meal. She follows a three-step washing process: rinsing with cold water, rinsing with diluted salt and vinegar water, and finally, rinsing with warm water.

Draining the Meat

Many people skip this step, but Mrs. Linh believes it is necessary. She drains the meat using a specialized tool to prevent it from being surrounded by ice when frozen. This helps maintain the quality of the meat when thawed, as it will not leak water.

Freeze preservation tips to keep meat fresh as new - Photo 1.

Mrs. Linh drains the meat with a specialized tool.

Viet Linh

Divide into Portions

Each portion of meat is wrapped in a layer of banana leaves or dong leaves and placed in a box. These portions are intended for individual meals. Mrs. Linh ensures that each meal is thawed separately, avoiding cross-contamination or affecting other items in the freezer.

Label and Close the Box

To easily locate the meat when cooking, it is important to label the box with the name of the meat and the date. This information can be written on a small sticker placed on the lid of the box.

Freeze preservation tips to keep meat fresh as new - Photo 2.

The meat is divided into enough portions for each meal and placed in each box with banana or dong leaves.

Viet Linh

Using this method, Mrs. Linh has successfully stored nearly 10 kg of pork in her freezer for gradual use. The proper storage and hygiene practices ensure that the meat remains fresh until the last portion is consumed. The same method can also be applied to other foods such as porridge, sausages, or nem.

Freeze preservation tips to keep meat fresh as new - Photo 3.

Preprocessed and stored meat for convenience and quick cooking times.

Viet Linh

For gio cha, Mrs. Linh recommends steaming it on low heat without letting the water boil. This will keep the gio cha fragrant and tender. On weekends, she wraps a bowl of nem and lightly fries it before dividing it into small portions for freezing. This makes it convenient and fast to enjoy nem anytime.

“Developing the habit of pre-processing and preparing food in your spare time may take extra time, but it ultimately saves time in the kitchen every day,” Mrs. Linh suggested.

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