Identifying 5 types of vegetables most susceptible to chemical spraying

A plant-rich diet is highly beneficial for your health. However, in today's reality, it's crucial to be discerning in your choices.


Recognizing safe vegetables is extremely important. Typically, on vegetables contaminated with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, stimulants…, you can see small dust particles, smell unusual odors. When eating, if you pay attention, you will notice vegetables with unusual flavors.



According to the National Institute of Nutrition (Ministry of Health), this is a type of vegetable that attracts many insects when grown in soil. Therefore, gardeners often increase the use of pesticides, fertilize with nitrogen fertilizer for vegetables before harvesting. And when used, the residual fertilizer, pesticides in the vegetables are still very high due to lack of time for decomposition.

When you hold a bundle of lush kale in your hand, dark green leaves, no signs of insects, and the stem part is firm and plump, all abnormally tidy, that is kale that has been fertilized with a lot of nitrate. You should not use this kind of kale, especially raw.

Wash the vegetables thoroughly, wash by hand, pay attention to the gaps between the leaves… to remove dirt, protective chemicals, pesticides if any (Illustrated Image:

Bitter gourd

When buying, it is best to find small, long bitter gourds with many small veins. 

Large bitter gourds, dark green, shiny bodies, but glossy veins are the fruits that have been abused with chemicals for preservation.

Snake beans

Bright, less fuzzy beans with long, clear tendrils are the result of excessive use of foliar fertilizers. 

If all the beans for sale are free from insects, it indicates that the beans have been sprayed with pesticides before being put on the market.

Chinese water spinach

If sprayed with too many pesticides and fertilizers, the stems of the vegetables will be large, pale white abnormally. If left in the air without soaking in water for a day, the vegetables will dry up and the stems will shrivel.

According to Associate Professor Nguyen Duy Thinh, former lecturer at the Institute of Technology and Food, Hanoi University of Technology, the existence of residual plant protection drugs on vegetables is due to the fact that during the cultivation process, vegetables are infected with pests and diseases so people have to use chemicals. However, after spraying, producers do not comply with the required isolation time, so plant protection drugs still exist in vegetables.

Therefore, the best way for people is to always handle it themselves when buying to remove unnecessary plant protection substances (if any).

According to Associate Professor Thinh, the only way to clean vegetables is to wash them. The principle is to wash with plenty of water, not just because you see no dirt. Note that you have to wash for a long time, wash by hand, pay attention to the gaps between the leaves… to remove dirt, not only from soil but also from pesticides if any.

According to Dân Trí


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