Is treated wastewater clean?

When using an air conditioner, we often notice that there is a certain amount of water flowing out. Is the condensate water clean and can it be kept for future use?


The water flowing out of an air conditioner is due to condensation of air inside the room. This is a natural process that occurs during the operation of the air conditioning equipment, cooling and releasing cool air. So is air conditioner waste water clean?

Why is there water flowing from the air conditioner?

When the air conditioner is running, the room will quickly reach the temperature set by the user. A dry and ventilated space also means that a amount of water vapor in the air is accumulated and formed into water droplets. Then, the water will flow through the drainage pipe to drain the waste water outside.

Usually, the amount of water flowing out from the air conditioner during operation is not too much. If your home air conditioner drains too much water, it may indicate a problem with the device. Some main reasons that cause the air conditioner to continuously drip with a large amount of water: Not cleaning and maintaining the air conditioner regularly, the drain pipe is broken or improperly positioned … At this time, you need to call a technician to check and repair it immediately.

Is air conditioner waste water clean?

Is air conditioner waste water clean?

In reality, the water flowing out of the air conditioning unit is pure and can be boiled and used under the condition that the air filter and the air duct are regularly cleaned.

However, during usage, it is unavoidable that the drain pipe, copper pipe, and other parts will be contaminated by dust, moss, and contain harmful bacteria. This causes the water flowing out of the air conditioner to contain impurities, dust, and harmful bacteria, making the water no longer clean. If it is not treated properly before being used, it can harm your health.

If you want to use the waste water from the air conditioner for purposes other than cooling or refrigeration, you should clearly identify the water source and ensure that the water is treated or remove any impurities, and harmful chemicals before using it, including using it for irrigation.

Note: Although air conditioning water can be considered clean, before discharging the waste water from the air conditioner to the environment, it needs to be treated to ensure that it does not cause pollution to the environment and human health.

What can air conditioner waste water be used for?

Depending on the size, capacity of the air conditioner, weather conditions, and humidity in the air, the amount of water discharged from the air conditioner varies. However, typically an air conditioner can generate about 1 – 2 liters of water per hour of operation. Therefore, if the air conditioner operates continuously for 8 hours a day, it can generate about 8 – 16 liters of water, depending on the surrounding factors.

With this amount of water, you can store and use it for activities such as watering plants, washing cars, cleaning houses, and keeping the environment clean to save water and avoid waste.

Note: Do not use air conditioner waste water for drinking or cooking, because even when boiled, dust and impurities still exist.