Putting a bill in the refrigerator unexpectedly proves to be so useful, every household should try it at least once.

This tip not only increases the lifespan of the refrigerator but also helps save electricity.


Every refrigerator door has a rubber gasket that serves as a seal, keeping the cold air in and helping the fridge cool more efficiently. When the rubber gasket is damaged or worn out, the door won’t close properly and cold air will escape, causing the refrigerator to work harder to maintain the desired temperature. This can lead to increased energy consumption and a shorter lifespan for the appliance.

Therefore, it is important to regularly check the condition of the refrigerator gasket, especially if the fridge is more than 5 years old, as the rubber gasket can deteriorate over time. However, it can be difficult to visually determine if the gasket is damaged or not.

Fortunately, you can easily test the condition of the rubber gasket using a simple dollar bill. Here’s how:

– Step 1: Take a dollar bill and insert it between the refrigerator door and the frame.

– Step 2: Gently pull the bill. If the rubber gasket is still in good condition, the bill will be held tightly and won’t slide out easily. If the bill is easily pulled out, it means that the rubber gasket is not sealing properly.

It is important to check both the upper and lower compartments of the refrigerator. If you don’t have a dollar bill, you can also use an A4 sheet of paper or a calendar page – anything that is not slippery – to perform the test.

If you find that the refrigerator gasket is indeed damaged, you can try to fix it using a hairdryer. Simply use the hairdryer to blow hot air along the rubber gasket for 2-3 minutes.

This method relies on the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. The heat from the hairdryer will cause the rubber to expand and contract, helping to restore the sealing strength of the gasket. After heating the gasket, perform the dollar bill test again. If the bill is now held tightly, it means that the sealing strength of the refrigerator has been restored, resulting in better cooling efficiency and lower energy consumption.

However, if the bill can still be easily pulled out, it is time to replace the refrigerator gasket with a new one.

Additionally, it is recommended to clean the refrigerator gasket regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt and food residue. This will not only help prolong the lifespan of the rubber gasket, but also prevent the growth of bacteria, ensuring the safe storage of food.

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