Safety Tips for Using Household Items to Reduce Fire Hazards

There is a potential fire risk in using various furniture and appliances in homes if not used properly. Here are some important notes on using these items to minimize the risk of fire and explosions.


Architect Nguyen Duy Son has 11 years of experience in consulting on design and construction of houses. He points out precautions when using furniture in the house to ensure fire safety fire protection.

Kitchen area

– Keep matches and lighters away from the kitchen area, preferably in a locked cabinet.

– Regularly clean the oven, microwave.

– Install smoke detectors in the kitchen area, avoid installing near windows, and doors.

– Place pots in the center of the stove when cooking.

– Do not place wires above the stove as this area has high temperatures.

– Turn off the stove after use.

– Create air circulation for the refrigerator by leaving space around the refrigerator.

Precautions when using furniture in the house to reduce the risk of fire-1
The kitchen is a fire-prone area if the equipment is used improperly (Illustration photo: Pinterest).

Bathroom area

– Install hot water appliances, heaters far away from the sink, bathtub, and shower.

– Turn off the hot water before use.

– Turn on the hot water, heater at a suitable temperature. Do not turn the temperature too high.

Bedroom area

– Do not smoke in the bedroom.

– Use fire-resistant mattresses, as if a fire occurs, these mattresses have fire-resistant properties.

– Use the iron correctly: Do not sprinkle water on clothes while ironing, do not iron wet clothes.

– Use smoke detectors if possible.

Living room area

– Limit the use of halogen lamps due to the high risk of fire.

– Use electrical systems with appropriate sizes that match the operating power of the devices to reduce the risk of fire (for all areas).

– Regularly check all devices and perform regular maintenance (for all areas).

– Limit the installation of air conditioner condensers in areas with direct sunlight (for all areas).

According to Dan Tri

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