Save Significant Electricity Costs with These 5 Plug Adapters

By simply developing the habit of unplugging after use, individuals can save up to 50% on their monthly electricity bills.


Using electrical appliances incorrectly can consume a lot of energy and significantly increase electricity bills, according to How to Geek.

Water heater

Many people do not unplug their water heaters after showering, but in reality, this can consume a lot of energy. When the temperature inside the water heater is lower than the set temperature, the electric water heater will start and automatically heat up the water.

Therefore, always remember to unplug the water heater when you are not using it and only turn it on when you need to use it.

Charging adapter

Many people mistakenly believe that charging adapters do not consume electricity if they are not charging any electronic devices. In fact, a charging adapter plugged into an outlet still consumes electricity, although not too much.

However, leaving the adapter plugged into the socket when not in use will cause the adapter to age prematurely. Not to mention, it can cause electrical hazards and even fires. Therefore, you should unplug the adapter from the socket after use to avoid wasting electricity and ensure the safety of your family.

If the outlet has a switch, you can turn off the switch without having to unplug it.

Not turning off the computer when not in use

To save electricity, you should turn off your computer if you don’t intend to use it for more than 15 minutes. Computers can still run in the background even when you shut down or turn them off.

Turning it off only puts the machine into sleep mode, which helps it start up faster. On average, a device like this can use about 96W per day.

This figure can increase significantly if you have the habit of putting the machine in sleep mode.

When using a laptop, using the power from the battery will save more energy than using direct electricity.

It is best to turn off the device by using the Shut down command and then disconnect the power supply.

Washing machine

According to surveys, almost every household has the habit of not unplugging their washing machines after use and leaving them plugged in for days. Few people pay attention to how harmful this can be.

Because washing machines are usually placed in relatively damp areas, if not careful, the outlet can get wet, making electrical leakage unavoidable.

Therefore, regardless of whether the washing machine is placed in the bathroom or hallway, you must remember to unplug it after use. This can avoid the risk of overheating and help prevent electrical leakage.

Kitchen appliances

When it comes to kitchen appliances, the power consumption in standby mode is worth noting. An old microwave can consume 10-15W of power when not in use. You may not unplug the kitchen or microwave to save a few thousand dollars on electricity bills each year.

However, you should unplug any device with electronic screens or always-on integrated features. Changing from a microwave with standby power of 10W to one with only 0.5W can save you a considerable amount of money.

According to Education and Times

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