Fixing Common Error Codes in Electrolux Washing Machines

Are you getting error codes when using your Electrolux washing machine? Don't worry; Dien May Xanh is here to help you figure out the cause and show you how to solve the issue.


Causes and Solutions for Electrolux Washing Machine Error Codes

Error Code E10:

  • Weak water supply or long waiting time for water supply
  • Blocked water supply hose
  • Failed water supply valve
  • Clogged water supply hose filter

To fix error E10:

  • Use a booster pump to increase water pressure
  • Check and adjust the intake manifold connector
  • Ensure the water supply valve is open
  • Clean the water inlet filter

Electrolux Washing Machine Error E10

Error Code E40:

  • Unclosed or improperly closed door with clothes stuck
  • Malfunctioning door lock controller chip

To resolve error E40:

  • Ensure the washing machine lid is tightly closed and no clothes are stuck
  • If the lid is closed correctly and the machine still doesn’t work, contact the Service Center

Electrolux Washing Machine Error E40

Error Code EHO:

  • Unstable power supply or weak voltage
  • Humid or rainy environment causing open circuit and voltage instability

To fix error EHO:

  • Check home’s power source stability and use a voltage stabilizer
  • Keep the machine in a cool, dry place to prevent electricity leakage
  • Contact the nearest Service Center for assistance

Electrolux Washing Machine Error EHO

Error Code E20:

  • Unevenly spread clothes in the drum
  • Blocked or twisted drain hose
  • Clogged drain pump

To resolve error E20:

  • Stop the machine and manually spread clothes evenly
  • Check the drain hose for any blockage or twist
  • If the issue persists, call the Service Center for support

Electrolux Washing Machine Error E20

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