Stay Cool with These Quick Tips for Beating the Heat

On scorching hot days, everyone just wants to step into a room that's instantly cool and refreshing. Here are some ways to optimize the cooling power of your air conditioner.


Optimize the “Turbo” Cooling Feature

Fast cooling mode on some air conditioner controls.

Rapid cooling is one of the most effective operating modes of an air conditioner, but many people are unaware of or overlook this feature. Instead of just pressing the ON button to turn on the air conditioner, you can also press the Powerful, Turbo, or Fast Cooling button (depending on how it’s branded) on the air conditioner control to increase the cooling speed.

This mode typically allows the compressor to run at maximum capacity and boost the fan speed for the first 10-15 minutes to quickly lower the room temperature and cool the air.

Combine it with an Electric Fan

Turning off the fan while operating the air conditioner because of concerns about electricity consumption is a common mistake. In reality, when using the air conditioner, it is advisable to combine it with an electric fan to help circulate the air in the room better and provide a cooler sensation.

Using a fan also helps prevent a dry feeling and protects the health of you and your family. Additionally, this method is more energy-efficient, as there is no need to set the air conditioner temperature too low.

Use Additional Cooling Measures

Homemade Mini Air Conditioner

By using items around you, you can quickly increase the cooling speed of your air conditioner. For example, you can use a cool water basin, a bucket of ice with a fan blowing into it, or an additional portable fan or air cooler to assist if you have these devices available.

This method is particularly effective for older air conditioners, low-capacity units, or rooms that are larger than the actual capacity of the air conditioner.

Once the temperature has stabilized, you can gradually turn off these devices and let the air conditioner maintain the appropriate temperature.

Close Doors, Limit Direct Sunlight

Avoid heat exchange with the outside when using the air conditioner, including direct sunlight shining through glass doors and windows.

If a room is regularly exposed to direct sunlight, you should find solutions such as installing curtains or using window films to block sunlight and prevent the room temperature from rising. This helps the cooling process occur more quickly and reduces the load on the air conditioner.

Regularly Clean and Maintain the Air Conditioner

Regularly cleaning and maintaining the air conditioner, especially the air filter, will not only improve the cooling efficiency but also maximize energy savings during usage.


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