Study Finds Japanese Facial Massage Rejuvenates Look Up To 10 Years

Unlock the potential of Japanese massage and its ability to help reduce the effects of aging on your skin with its powerful prevention techniques.


As individuals age, facial muscles weaken and the production of collagen and elastin decreases, leading to saggy cheeks and chin. This is exacerbated by the shifting of facial bones. Recognizing this issue, Chiyo Hayashi, a Japanese man, has developed a unique face massage technique called Korugi. This technique aims to reposition the skull and enhance circulation in the facial tissues to address the signs of aging.

During the aging process, muscle strength declines and fat distribution changes. In youth, fat is evenly distributed throughout the body, but in old age, fat accumulation becomes more prominent in specific areas.

Before starting the massage, it is important to have a mirror and massage oil on hand to aid in maintaining correct movements and preventing friction. Clean skin is also essential prior to beginning.

Individuals with disorders of the hematopoietic system, chronic skin diseases, or facial wounds are advised to refrain from receiving a massage.

Gently apply pressure to the face by rubbing firmly, taking care not to cause discomfort.

The Korugi massage is an effective technique for promoting facial weight loss.

Lift cheeks


Position your forearms on the table, preferably making a fist. Place your forearms on your cheekbones, ensuring your fingers gently press against your face. Allow your facial muscles to relax in this position for 5 seconds.

Smooth forehead


Lower your head slightly. Make a fist. Press your forehead on the hairline with the middle finger of your hand. Continue pressing while sliding your hand towards the temple and ear along the hairline. Then slowly move your finger down the neck until you touch the collarbone.

Reduce facial wrinkles


Make a fist. Lift your eyebrows. Slide your palm along the eyebrow line with the help of your index and middle fingers.

Neck Massage


To perform the hand gesture, form a closed fist with the exception of your index and middle fingers, which should be extended straight upwards while slightly bent at the middle joint. Use these two fingers to gently manipulate your skin for facial rejuvenation. Begin by placing your fingertips below the corner of your mouth, then press and pull your skin towards the temple area. Repeat this motion 7-8 times at a small distance.

Improve the appearance of your skin


To perform this exercise, interlock both hands, ensuring that your thumbs are straight as they will be used to perform the movements. Start by placing the tip of your right thumb under your left eye, near the nose. Using a sliding motion, press the skin and move your thumb towards the ear. Then, gently slide your right thumb down the neckline, from the ear to the collarbone. Repeat this motion twice on both sides of the face.

Forehead Wrinkles


Make a fist. Place the middle fingers slightly above the eyebrow line and perform a frictional rubbing motion towards the hairline. Then, move your hand back to the starting position but a little to the side and perform an elevated movement once again to smooth the entire surface of the forehead.



  1. Begin by opening the palm of your hand.
  2. Position your finger on your forehead and glide it gently towards the temple.
  3. Slide your finger gradually from your cheek to your collarbone, tracing the neckline.
  4. Repeat this massage technique once a week for optimal results.

As stated by Dan Viet