Surprising Uses of Beer Bottle Caps

In addition to keeping beer in bottles from spilling and losing its taste, beer bottle caps have many other surprising uses.


Many people will surely be surprised to know about the things that beer bottle caps can do. Its main mission is to protect the drink inside the bottle.

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You will be amazed to know about the surprising uses of beer bottle caps. (Photo: Istock)

Surprising uses of beer bottle caps

Instead of throwing away the cap after drinking beer, you can keep them and make use of them with the following suggestions.

Keep soap dry

Usually, soap is stored in air-tight containers without any openings to let the water out. After a while, the soap will become damp and soggy. To avoid this situation, place beer bottle caps under the soap to lift it up from the bottom of the container, preventing it from getting wet. Your soap will stay dry and won’t get soft.

Use as a ginger and potato peeler

The serrated edge of a beer bottle cap can be used to quickly and easily peel ginger and potatoes. Just place the bottle cap on top and use the serrated edge to scrape off the skin.

Find and cut tape

One of the surprising uses of beer bottle caps is to help find the end of a tape: Use the serrated edge of the bottle cap to slide it across the surface of the tape, when you feel a snag, it means you have found the end of the tape.

To cut tape, many people have the habit of biting it with their teeth, this method is very unhygienic and can affect their health. If you don’t have a knife or scissors, you can use the beer cap to press it against the tape. Its sharp serrated edge can cut the tape.

Prevent trash bags from sliding down

When you throw trash into a bin, under the weight of the garbage, the bag may slip off the edge of the bin. You can use 2 beer bottle caps and candle wax to secure the bag by sticking them horizontally to the sides of the bin, then place the trash bag on top. Hang the trash bag on the beer caps.

The surprising use of beer bottle caps in this case is to create a fixed hook for the bag; we can throw garbage comfortably without worrying about it slipping off the bin.

Make toy coins for kids

You can crush beer bottle caps and drill two small holes in the middle, thread a string through them, and you will have a toy for children without spending any money.

Create shapes for baking and fruit carving

Round beer bottle caps with sharp serrated teeth can be used to create crown-shaped decorations or to shape cute cakes and fruit decorations.

Make decorative items

If you know how to cleverly make use of many beer bottle caps or soda bottle caps, you can turn them into cute earrings, photo frames, or assemble them together to make coaster holders for drinks.

How were beer bottle caps invented?

In the 1880s, many carbonated beverages appeared on the market and became very popular. However, at that time, these drinks were packed in bottles sealed with plain cork or metal stoppers, so they were not completely sealed, reducing the quality of the drinks during transportation to consumers.

Recognizing this problem, American inventor William Painter created the Crown Cork, the type of bottle cap with a scalloped edge and a liner inside to prevent the liquid from coming into contact with the metal cap. Since February 2, 1892, the bottle-capping industry has entered a new era, completely changing with the appearance of caps with scalloped edges and liners.

After working with bottle manufacturers to improve the product, also in 1892, William Painter applied for a patent. In 1893, he founded the “Crown Cork and Seal Company”, now known as “Crown Holdings Inc.”, specializing in producing bottle caps and other accessories in the beverage industry, ranking among the top companies in the world. Today, the company’s headquarters is in Philadelphia, USA.

With increasingly advanced technology, bottle caps have also been gradually refined, and metal materials can be replaced with PVC plastic. The number of serrated teeth on the cap and the height of the cap have also been reduced. However, the scalloped edge like a crown is still kept to this day.

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