Three Tips for Seducing Your Man with White Silk

Taking a new spin on ordinary items can result in something creative and exciting.


Creative Combinations for Refreshing Familiar Items

Looking for new ways to wear that slipdress that is considered out of fashion? We have 3 great suggestions for you!


Slipdress is slowly being neglected among booming fashion seasons.

1. Wear with a Scarf

A simple and creative way to wear a slipdress is to pair it with a long, slender scarf. Choose a scarf in the same color as the dress to create an attractive look. Complete the outfit with delicate high-heeled sandals and your favorite handbag.


Sexy, airy, and minimalist…

2. Wear with a Cropped Top

Layering a cropped top over a slipdress is a great way to feel confident and comfortable. Opt for a thin and lightweight cropped top that matches the style of the slipdress. Choose a color that suits your personal style. Complete the look with nude sandals for a harmonious outfit.


Wear nude sandals for overall harmony.

3. Wear Underneath a Cardigan

In these transitional days, you can combine the delicate nature of a slipdress with the warmth of a cardigan. The contrast between the coarse and close-fitting cardigan and the smooth and glamorous silk dress creates a stunning look. Pair this combination with black boots and a large handbag for a casual touch.


Cleverly “cover up” the sensuality with simplicity.

(According to Khám Phá)

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