Tips for Designing a Swimming Pool Landscape

Do you want to make your swimming pool the envy of your neighbourhood? Check out these easy decorating tips to add some sparkle to your pool.


1. Tropical Swimming Pool

If you are interested in building a tropical pool, enhance the pool landscape by incorporating tall, tropical plants such as areca and bamboo, as well as smaller plants like ferns and green lawns.

2. Urban Swimming Pool

Due to the limited space in urban areas, homeowners face challenges when it comes to building swimming pools and creating visually appealing pool landscapes. One popular and practical choice is to plant rows of green trees, which not only enhance the aesthetics but also help regulate the air, providing a comfortable swimming and relaxation space.

3. Outdoor Swimming Pool

For homes located near beaches or lakesides, consider positioning the pool to take advantage of the scenic landscape. In this case, there is no need for extensive artificial landscaping. The natural beauty of lakeside views and green trees serves as the perfect backdrop for a naturally beautiful swimming pool.


4. Villa Swimming Pool

This small swimming pool idea is particularly suitable for villas in mountainous areas. You can utilize local stones and gravel to construct the swimming pool and create small poetic corners reminiscent of untamed mountains.

5. Backyard Swimming Pool

This type of urban swimming pool is typically placed in the backyard to ensure privacy and establish a tranquil space for homeowners.

6. Swimming Pool with Walls and High Platform

Swimming pools with high walls and platforms provide excellent protection against sand and debris entering the pool from wind and rain. Additionally, the elevated pool deck offers an ideal spot for lounge chairs and relaxation.

7. Summer Swimming Pool

Escape the summer heat by taking a refreshing dip in a swimming pool designed for the season. Incorporate plenty of trees, parasols, benches, and brightly colored flower pots. This combination creates a natural and subtle color palette while offering convenient views of the outdoor surroundings.


8. Swimming Pool in a Large Garden

An expansive garden provides an ideal setting for a large swimming pool. However, to ensure the pool is not only sizable but also visually appealing, choose a garden with beautiful scenery and convenient access. Enhance the landscaping by adding ornamental plants and decorative stones.

9. Home Swimming Pool in Limited Space

If you have limited space and do not plan on hosting pool parties, consider designing a long and narrow swimming pool. Despite its compact size, this type of pool can still fulfill your swimming preferences. Install a tall pool cover and a small sprinkler system to create natural sounds and visual appeal. Trees are also essential elements in every home’s landscape design, particularly in swimming pool landscapes.


10. Waterfall Pool

Add a waterfall feature to instantly transform your calm and peaceful pool into an exciting and vibrant area. The waterfall creates an impressive and attractive space, while the sound of flowing water promotes relaxation and stress relief for homeowners.

11. Indoor Swimming Pool with Glass Surroundings

When designing indoor swimming pools, it is crucial to ensure the space is airy and well-lit. Pay close attention to the structural integrity and ability to withstand the pool’s weight to prevent any potential damage. Incorporating glass windows and doors adds a touch of modernity and luxury to the pool area. The surrounding glass also enhances the visual appeal and helps compensate for any lack of natural light often encountered in indoor swimming pools. During the day, ample sunlight filters in, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

According to VOV