Tips for Saving Fuel When Riding a Motorcycle

To avoid the pain of rising fuel prices, you need to know the tips for saving fuel when riding a motorcycle; these tips also help prolong the lifespan of your vehicle.


Fuel cost is one of the major concerns for vehicle owners. To prevent your motorcycle from consuming too much fuel, you need to pocket some fuel-saving tips while riding a motorcycle. If you combine these tips, you will have a smile on your face when calculating your fuel expenses.

Tips for saving fuel while riding a motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle without knowing how to use and take care of it will lead to rapid damage and increased fuel consumption. If you follow the following advice, you will definitely save a lot of money on fuel when using a motorcycle.

Limit the load

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Limiting the load is one of the fuel-saving tips when riding a motorcycle. (Image: RevZilla)

The first fuel-saving tip when riding a motorcycle that you need to know is to keep the vehicle’s load reasonable. Typically, each vehicle is designed to carry a maximum of 2 people with a certain weight. The weight of the vehicle affects fuel consumption. When carrying a heavy load, the engine has to increase its operating capacity and use more fuel for the combustion process.

It is best to ensure that the vehicle load is moderate, limit it to 2 people, and avoid carrying heavy and bulky items.

Start the engine correctly

Before operating the vehicle each morning or after a long period of non-use, you should start the engine, hold the throttle for about 1 to 2 minutes before starting to drive. If you start the engine and immediately start driving, the lubrication oil does not have enough time to reach the engine parts, causing rapid wear and tear. At the same time, although fuel is injected, it evaporates poorly and the efficiency is not high, resulting in increased fuel consumption.

Turn off the engine when stopping at a red light for more than 30 seconds

Turn off the engine when stopping at a red light for more than 30 seconds. Turning off the engine and restarting it will not consume more fuel than running the engine continuously for 30 seconds. When the engine is idling for nearly 1 minute, the fuel consumption is equivalent to driving 1 km. Therefore, remember a fuel-saving tip when riding a motorcycle: When stopping or parking for too long, turn off the engine.

Avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration

If you suddenly accelerate for instant speed increase and faster movement, the fuel consumption will be 4 times higher than normal.

Therefore, when you see a red light or unexpected situations in the distance, you should actively reduce the throttle gently, avoiding sudden stops. Besides, you should also avoid speed bumps on the road to prevent sudden throttle increases or decreases. This is not only an effective fuel-saving tip when riding a motorcycle but also helps to protect the engine and transmission.

Regularly check the tires

Under-inflated tires are one of the causes of high fuel consumption. When the tires are too soft, you need to twist the throttle more to keep the motorcycle running normally. This indicates that the tires do not meet the standard, the vehicle has to exert more effort, and requires more fuel.

To save fuel, regularly check the motorcycle tires, and inflate them to the recommended pressure to save 6% of fuel.

Regularly clean the motorcycle

If the air filter or spark plug is dirty, the motorcycle will consume more fuel. Similarly, many parts of the vehicle when not clean will cause you to spend more money on refueling.

Regularly cleaning the motorcycle is a simple but effective fuel-saving tip when riding a motorcycle. Moreover, keeping the parts clean also helps the vehicle to perform much better.

Regular maintenance

Many people complain that the motorcycle is fuel-efficient when newly purchased, but it becomes more fuel-consuming over time. The reason is that they do not maintain the motorcycle regularly. After each care, the vehicle is as good as new, prolongs its life and operates more efficiently.

Take care of changing the lubricating oil, coolant, and vehicle components properly and at the right time.

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