“Tips on How to Properly Operate and Maintain a Steam Iron”

Are you looking for tips on how to expertly use and maintain your steam ironing board? XANH Electronics has the answers with their comprehensive guide to steam ironing boards. A staple in many Vietnamese households, steam ironing boards are an invaluable tool for quickly removing creases in clothing.


How to Use and Store a Steam Iron Properly

1Using a Steam Iron

Step 1: Prepare the ironing plate

Before using a steam iron for the first time, it is important to clean the ironing plate. Remove any remaining glue or debris by gently wiping the plate with a soft cloth.

Use a damp cloth to easily peel off the glue layer

Using a damp cloth to clean the ironing plate

Step 2: Add water to the steam iron

Pour water into the water tank of the steam iron before use. Avoid filling it up to the maximum mark to prevent water overflow or leakage during ironing. It is also recommended to use clean water instead of well water or tap water to avoid water stains caused by minerals in the water.

Pour water into the water tank of the iron

Adding water to the water tank of the iron

Step 3: Adjust the temperature and power

After plugging in the steam iron, set the desired ironing temperature by turning the temperature knob. Wait for the power light to turn off, indicating that the iron has reached the desired temperature and is ready to use.

Plug in the iron and select the appropriate temperature

Selecting the appropriate temperature for ironing

Step 4: Choose the ironing mode

Modern steam irons offer various ironing modes, such as dry ironing, steam ironing, water spray ironing, and vertical steam ironing. Adjust the lever or press the corresponding button to select the desired mode based on your needs.

Select the appropriate ironing mode by adjusting the lever

Choosing the desired ironing mode

Step 5: Safety precautions

After using the steam iron, turn the temperature knob to the minimum position and unplug it from the power socket for safety purposes.

Unplug from the socket after turning the knob to the Min position

Unplugging the iron after use

2Properly Storing a Steam Iron

Adjust the ironing temperature for different fabrics

Set the appropriate ironing temperature for each type of fabric to avoid damaging the clothes:

  • Silk fabric: Use the lowest temperature and iron the wrong side.
  • Synthetic or nylon fabric: Use low temperature for ironing.
  • Wool fabric: Adjust the ironing temperature to a medium level.
  • Linen fabric: Use a higher temperature and steam level to quickly iron out wrinkles.

The Philips GC1426/39 1400W steam iron has a variety of temperature settings for every fabric

Using an iron with temperature settings for different fabrics

Regularly clean the iron

Regularly clean the steam iron to prevent clogging and stains on clothes. Wipe the surface of the iron with a soft damp cloth after use. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean the steam system and remove any deposits.

Frequently clean the iron to prevent clothes from getting stained

Regularly cleaning the iron to prevent stains on clothes

Use clean water for ironing

Use clean water instead of well water or tap water to prevent water stains on clothes. This helps maintain the steam system’s effectiveness and prevents the accumulation of mineral deposits that can clog the spray nozzles.

Use clean water for ironing instead of well water or tap water

Using clean water for ironing

Use a dedicated power socket

When using a steam iron, plug it into a dedicated power socket to prevent electrical risks such as short circuits and fires. This ensures safe operation and avoids overloading shared power sockets.

Use a separate power socket for the steam iron to prevent electrical risks

Using a separate power socket for the steam iron

Above are the steps for using and storing a steam iron properly. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment below for quick assistance!