Top best lightweight professional racing bicycles to buy

A high-quality racing bike needs many determining factors, among which super lightweight is always the top requirement. The following article shares with you the features of racing bikes, unveiling the TOP 5 incredibly lightweight and excellent quality racing bike models on the market today.


Road bikes, also known as racing bikes, are designed to be ridden on smooth paved roads at high speeds. The frame of the bike is usually slim, with small wheels, and the rider leans forward when riding.

Anyone can use this type of bike, especially those who have a passion for speed and want to train for bike races.

When using this type of bike, you benefit from its speed, but on the other hand, you cannot go too fast on rough and bumpy roads. The tires of a racing bike are thinner than other types of bikes to reduce weight and friction and increase speed. As a result, the wheels have limited traction, making them prone to slipping and not efficient for difficult terrains.

Advantages and disadvantages of road bikes

Advantages of road bikes

  • Speed: Road bikes can go fast on flat terrains due to their thinner tires, reducing friction with the road surface.
  • Lightweight: The bikes are lightweight because the frame is designed to be slim and the wheels are small.
  • Durability: Genuine road bikes are usually durable as they are designed to withstand the conditions of bike races.
  • Users: Anyone can use this type of bike, depending on their height and intended use.

Disadvantages of road bikes

  • Prone to slipping: Road bikes have small tires, which provide less traction on wet and slippery surfaces, making them less effective on rough terrains.
  • High cost: The price of road bikes can range from 2 to 20 million VND.
  • No mudguard: Road bikes do not come with built-in mudguards, so users need to install them separately when riding in the rain.

Tips for using road bikes

Do not adjust the seat too low

When riding a bike, you should not adjust the seat too low as it can affect your health, causing back pain, muscle fatigue, and discomfort while riding. You should adjust the seat so that your heels touch the pedals at the lowest position when sitting on the seat. In addition, the tips of your toes should be able to touch the ground to ensure you can maintain balance.

Lower your body’s center of gravity

When riding, you should lower your body’s center of gravity as it offers many benefits. First, lowering your body reduces wind resistance, allowing you to ride fast without exerting too much effort. Second, lowering your body helps you maintain better balance when riding on rough terrains. Additionally, you can rest your hands on the handlebars to relax and conserve energy.

Use the gearing system correctly

Using the gearing system correctly will make your ride more convenient as each terrain requires different gear adjustments. You can test and use different gear ratios to control your speed in various situations.

For example, if you are riding on a flat terrain and suddenly encounter an uphill, you need to shift to a lower gear to easily overcome it and ensure your safety.

Wear comfortable, sweat-wicking clothes

The choice of clothing also affects your biking experience. When riding a road bike, you will sweat more, and your heart rate will increase compared to normal conditions. If you wear non-breathable and non-moisture-wicking clothes, you will quickly feel hot, uncomfortable, and fatigued.

Therefore, you need to breathe evenly during your ride, avoid wearing tight clothes that may affect your breathing. You should prioritize comfortable, sweat-wicking clothing that helps you feel less tired, refreshed, and energetic.

What are the characteristics of a super lightweight road bike?

Super lightweight frame of a road bike

A super lightweight road bike typically uses a frame made of carbon fiber or titanium. Titanium is lightweight but quite expensive, so carbon fiber frames are more popular.

Carbon frames have the characteristics of being lightweight, rigid, reducing vibrations well. In addition, lightweight and stiff aluminum frames are also a good option with a reasonable price and good quality.

Transmission system

The gears of a super lightweight road bike are also designed to maximize weight reduction using carbon fiber or titanium materials. In addition to being rigid and durable, the transmission system ensures speed and smooth coordination while riding.

Road bike transmission system

Other components

The remaining components of a super lightweight road bike such as the seatpost, brake levers, handlebar system, disc, rim… are also optimized for weight reduction using carbon fiber. Particularly, the wheels are designed to be thin and large to provide assistance, reduce friction, which directly affects the riding experience and speed.

Top 5 High-Quality Super Lightweight Road Bikes

GIANT TCR ADV 3 2021 Road Bike

GIANT TCR ADV 3 2022 road bike

This product features a modern frame design made of lightweight carbon fiber, and it has a unique gray carbon electrostatic paint. The Shimano Tiagra 20-speed transmission system provides smooth and synchronized shifting.

GIANT TCR ADV 2 D-SE 2022 Road Bike

GIANT TCR ADV 2 D-SE 2022 road bike

This is considered the best value-for-money road bike in the same price range. The bike is made of lightweight carbon fiber, and it features a full-group 105 R7000 22-speed transmission system.

Moreover, the hydraulic disc brakes of Shimano 105 ensure reliable and powerful braking. The tubeless tires are also equipped on this high-end Giant model.


GIANT TCR ADV 1 D-KOM 2022 road bike

The frame of this bike is made of high-quality carbon with professional racing reputation, lightweight, high rigidity, good shock absorption. The highlight is the OverDrive handlebars, which are easy to turn and provide a smooth acceleration.

The stiffness of the fork has also been increased by 35% compared to the previous version with a wider fork that can accommodate 32C tires. In addition, the non-hook and quick-release 12mm rim design provides stability when making turns.

GIANT OCR 5300 2021 Road Bike

GIANT OCR 5300 2021 road bike

This bike belongs to the mid-range segment with a beautiful design featuring an aluminum Aluxx frame characteristic of the brand, which is lightweight and durable. The Shimano Claris 16-speed transmission system provides smooth gear shifting. The GIANT OCR 5300 2021 road bike is evaluated as an exciting experience at its price range.

Galaxy TCV 19 Road Bike

Galaxy TCV 19 road bike

The GALAXY TCV 19 is a budget-friendly and popular road bike model. The bike features a GLX aluminum alloy frame, a responsive Shimano A070 14-speed transmission system.

Reliable Address to Buy Super Lightweight Road Bikes in Hanoi

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