What Supplies are Needed for Gentle Laundry Washing

In this article, we will look at the essential accessories which can help make washing clothes more efficient and help ensure garments keep their quality. From extra rinses to fabric softeners, we'll discover the items which can give your washing machine a boost to make sure you get the best results every wash. Let's learn more about the additional products that can support your laundry needs!


1 Washing Machine Stand

The washing machine stand is an essential accessory that helps prevent shaking during operation, ensuring the safety and stability of high-end washing machines. It also provides protection against electrical accidents in case of leaks.

Washing machine stand, refrigerator 800kg 55x77cm CD5577 with a height of 15cm, can load up to 800kg

This washing machine stand has a height of 15cm and can support a load of up to 800kg.

2 Washing Machine Cover and Apron

The washing machine cover and apron are perfect for protecting your washing machine in both household and separate laundry room settings. They shield the machine from dust and provide an additional surface for placing items.

If your washing machine is placed outdoors or in an area exposed to rain, the cover-like design of the washing machine cover prevents dirt buildup and protects it from rain and sunlight. It also safeguards the internal components of the washing machine.

Using a washing machine cover will save you time on cleaning and prevent the paint from fading on the machine’s exterior.

The washing machine cover helps protect the washing machine from dust on the surface

The washing machine cover provides protection from dust and dirt.

3 Laundry Bag

The laundry bag, or laundry mesh bag, is a lightweight and thin accessory with small holes that facilitates quick and optimal washing of your clothes. Despite the small holes, water can still pass through, allowing soap and agitation to clean the clothes thoroughly.

Laundry bag helps your laundry to be washed quickly and optimally

Laundry bag helps your laundry to be washed quickly and optimally

4 Clothes Hanger

There are three types of hangers available: plastic, metal, and wood. To save costs and properly preserve clothes, it is recommended to choose wooden or plastic hangers and avoid metal hangers, as they can oxidize and damage fabrics.

Set of 6 adult plastic clothes hangers Pioneer MA001-6 made from durable PP material

These plastic hangers are made from durable PP material.

5 Clothespin

Clothespins are useful for hanging socks, gloves, baby clothes, etc. They are available in plastic and wood, allowing for quick drying, saving space, and preventing clothes from falling off in strong winds.

Clothespin helps clothes dry without being blown away by the wind

6 Plastic Basket or Basin

A plastic basket or basin is an essential item for holding dirty clothes and storing them after washing for drying. It is particularly useful when hand washing is required.

T? L?p TL1-6004 plastic basket is made from durable PP plastic

This plastic basket is made from durable PP plastic.

7 Plastic Chair

A plastic chair provides comfort when hand washing delicate garments such as underwear, shirts, and towels. It can be easily folded to save space and allows for a comfortable and proper posture, reducing strain on the back and shoulders.

Duy Tân 25 x 17 x 10 cm plastic chair is made from durable and safe PP plastic

This plastic chair is made from durable and safe PP plastic.

With the above article, you now have knowledge of essential items that can make your laundry tasks easier! If you have any questions about these items, please leave a comment below the article or call 1800 1061 for prompt consultation.