When selecting fresh mushrooms, look out for these 5 signs before you make your purchase.

Many of us regularly buy fresh mushrooms, but often struggle to determine which ones are truly fresh and which ones have been sitting for too long and lost their nutritional value.


Fresh shiitake mushrooms (winter mushrooms) are very fragrant, nutritious, so many people often buy them for cooking. Especially those who are vegetarian will love this type of mushroom. However, not everyone knows how to choose fresh shiitake mushrooms that have just been picked and are still fresh. Chefs have suggested that when buying, if you see fresh shiitake mushrooms with these 5 signs, they are good but don’t choose them:

1. Black mushroom cap

The normal color of fresh shiitake mushrooms is brown and yellow. Moreover, when pressed with your hand, it will have a slight bounce. If the mushroom cap is black, it is an old mushroom, it is best not to choose it.

2. Strange smell or unpleasant odor

In general, fresh shiitake mushrooms have a distinctive, natural fragrance. If it has a strange smell, it may have been sprayed with preservatives to keep it fresh. If it has an unpleasant odor, it may be spoiled.

3. Heavy to hold

Although fresh shiitake mushrooms have a fine layer of fluff, because it is fresh mushroom, its moisture content is high, so it will feel heavy when held. On the contrary, if you find the mushroom very light when you hold it, it means it has been picked for a long time and they have lost water. Do not buy these dehydrated mushrooms, they will not taste good.

4. Rough and uneven mushroom cap

Fresh shiitake mushrooms have mushroom caps that may crack a little, but they are relatively even and round. So if when buying, you see that the mushroom cap is not evenly round and full, too big cracks, rough and rough, it is best not to choose it because they may be spoiled or not tasty.

5. The folds under the mushroom cap

When choosing, flip the mushroom to see the folds under the cap. If the folds have opened up and you can see a thin line inside, it means the mushroom is old and all the spores inside have fallen. These mushrooms have no nutritional value left, so do not buy them.

Source: Phụ Nữ Việt Nam