Shopping Guide for Danang Specialties: Top 12 Gifts with Meaningful and Quality Choices and Addresses

Are you looking for a unique and special gift idea for your loved ones? Whether you are near or far from home, a selection of Da Nang specialties from Dien May XANH is the perfect way to convey your care. Explore our list of top 12 iconic specialties from Da Nang and enjoy the richness of flavor they offer!


1 Squid with Rice Rim Me

Squid Rim Me is a beloved specialty in Da Nang. Fresh squid is sun-dried, creating a tough texture that remains tender. Each piece of squid is infused with the sweet and sour taste of tamarind, making it a delicious accompaniment to rice or a flavorful snack with beer.


Da Nang’s Rim Tamarind Squid is known for its savory and crispy taste. It is made by marinating squid in a mixture of sugar, fresh tamarind, chili, and fish sauce, then cooking it over a fire until it caramelizes. With its unique combination of sour, salty, and sweet flavors, Da Nang’s Rim Tamarind Squid is considered the number one specialty of the region and a meaningful gift for loved ones.

2 Salted Fish

Salted fish is a popular delicacy in Da Nang. When grilled, Thieu fish releases a delightful aroma and offers a perfect balance of salty fish sauce, sweet sugar, and spicy pepper. It is often enjoyed with wine or beer as an appetizer. Local residents and tourists alike love to buy salted fish as gifts for their loved ones.

Cá thiều tẩm

3 Tre Ba De

Tre Ba De has been famous in Da Nang for many decades due to its quality and unique taste. The brand has continued to grow as her children carry on the tradition.

Tré bà đệ

The secret to making Tre Ba De lies in using lean pork, cutting it thinly, and combining it with sugar, salt, and garlic. The mixture is then wrapped and incubated for 2 to 3 days. To enhance the flavor, Tre is often served with papaya, carrots, peanuts, and garlic as an appetizer at parties. Tre Ba De offers a variety of options, including traditional wrapping, banana leaf wrapping, and guava leaf wrapping, packaged in strings, boxes, or jars to meet the diverse needs of customers.

4 My Khe Seaweed

My Khe seaweed is rich in nutrients such as fiber, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. It contains three times more pigment A than carrots, four times more vitamin B2 than eggs, and three times more calcium than cow’s milk. Apart from being used as a dish, My Khe seaweed is also considered a healthy food.


My Khe seaweed is versatile and can be used to prepare various dishes such as soup, stewed bones, fried shrimp, fried meat, and salad. It is particularly sought after as a refreshing dish in hot summer days. The seaweed is usually marinated with a little salt and stored in the refrigerator to enhance its flavor. My Khe seaweed is a perfect gift to bring back from Da Nang.

5 Dried Deer

Dried deer is a highly favored specialty of Da Nang, often chosen as a gift by locals and tourists. It has a delectable aroma and a mildly spicy taste. The dried deer is packed to ensure its long shelf life, making it a convenient option for parties or long journeys.

Nai khô

6 Spicy Rimmed Dried Beef

Spicy dried beef rim is a delicious and visually appealing treat. The beef is seasoned with a blend of spices, including sugar and chili sauce. It is then cooked over low heat until the sauce thickens, resulting in a mouthwatering dish. Sesame is often sprinkled on top for added fragrance. The combination of chewy dried beef, sweet and spicy flavors, and nutty sesame makes this dish incredibly appetizing.

Cá bò khô



7 Ginseng, Pineapple, and Jasmine Tea

Ginseng, pineapple, and jasmine tea is a well-known variety appreciated by many tourists. It combines the fresh taste of young tea buds, pandan leaves, and the art of tea making, creating an unforgettable experience for anyone who tries it.


Jasmine pineapple ginseng tea is a delightful blend of green bud tea, fairy tea, pandan leaves, and natural herbal flavors. The aroma of pandan leaves and jasmine flowers softens the tea’s bitterness, making it easier to drink and enhancing its flavor and allure.

8 Baked Coconut Cakes

Baked coconut cake is a popular snack among the locals in Da Nang. Made from glutinous rice flour and fresh coconut, it offers a crispy and fragrant texture. Enjoying coconut cake with a cup of tea provides a refreshing and delightful experience.


The process of making coconut cake is simple, using basic ingredients. Shredded dried coconut is mixed with softened butter, eggs, and milk. The mixture is then combined with flour and almond flour. After a two-hour incubation, the dough is shaped into thin pieces and baked in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius.

9 Nam O Fish Sauce

Nam O fish sauce is a renowned specialty of Da Nang. It is named after the village of Nam O, where this distinctive fish sauce is produced.


What sets Nam O fish sauce apart from other varieties is its unique ingredients and production method. It is made exclusively from anchovies, a type of fish available only from March to August each year, known for its high protein content. The fish used for making the sauce must be fresh and carefully selected. After washing the fish with seawater to preserve its natural flavor, the fish sauce is meticulously prepared.

10 Sesame Cake of Mrs. Lieu Me

Mrs. Lieu Me’s sesame dry cake is a traditional specialty of Da Nang and Quang Nam. Recognized by the Da Nang People’s Committee as a local specialty, it is often offered as a gift by people from Quang Da when they travel away from home. Tourists from all over the world also choose this cake as a gift when visiting Da Nang.


This simple cake, made with basic ingredients, showcases the skill and dedication of the baker. Mrs. Lieu Me’s recipe involves pounding rice into flour, and patiently baking the cakes over a wood stove or hot coal stove multiple times. The result is a delectable treat, symbolizing love for family and hard work.

11 Dried Stingray

Dried stingray is a beloved specialty of Da Nang. It offers a delightful blend of flavors, thanks to its seasoning with various spices. This savory snack is suitable for any time of the day and is often chosen as a gift by visitors to Da Nang.

Cá khô đuối

Dried stingrays come from the family of stingrays found in the sea. These stingrays have propeller-like shapes, with sizes ranging from half a kilogram to several pounds. Large stingrays are cut into triangular pieces before being dried.

12 Ram Milk Crabs

Da Nang’s milk crabs are delicious and easy to eat. Known for their slightly spicy and sweet taste, they are highly sought after. Milk crabs are fresh, naturally caught from the sea, cleaned, and packed. They are a nutritious food source rich in vitamins and minerals.


Da Nang’s ram milk crabs offer a crispy, spicy, sweet, and salty taste. They can be enjoyed on their own, served with rice, or paired with cold beer for a delightful experience.

These are the top 12 specialties of Da Nang that make meaningful and high-quality gifts. We hope you have a wonderful taste experience!

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