3 Ways to Choose the Perfect Lipstick Shade to the Last Millimeter

Sometimes, just putting on some lipstick can make your face light up. That's why choosing the right lipstick color to match your skin tone, age, and outfit is crucial.


Choose Lipstick Color Based on Skin Tone

Determine Skin Tone

Skin tone refers to the color of our skin that we can see with the naked eye, including dark, brown, fair, white, and yellow. This factor can be altered over time by factors such as hormones, cosmetics, and weather. To determine your skin tone, you simply need to compare it to the skin of others.

Some main types of skin tones include dark, brown, medium-brown, medium, light-medium, light, and very light.

– People with fair, white, and fair-pink skin tones usually have no restrictions on lipstick colors. Therefore, you can choose vibrant and attractive colors like red, orange, pink,…

– People with medium, medium-brown skin tones should choose berry-colored lipsticks, dark reds, and wines.

– People with brown, yellow-brown skin tones should choose coral pink and pink lipsticks.

– For those with dark skin tones, it is recommended to choose lipsticks with medium red or orange-red shades.

Determine Skin Undertone

Human skin undertones are made up of 3 main colors: warm, cool, and neutral. Determining your skin undertone is also very simple. You can rely on the veins in your hand or jewelry.

– People with warm undertones usually have green veins and go well with gold jewelry. When choosing lipstick, it should lean towards brown, brick red, orange-red, and coral shades like dark brown, brown-red, peach, amber,…

– People with cool undertones usually have blue or purple veins and go well with silver or platinum jewelry. When choosing lipstick, they should use rich and red-based shades. For example, lavender, amethyst, ripe strawberry, deep red, plum,…

– People with neutral undertones usually have veins that match their skin color or both green and blue veins. They are suitable for both gold and silver jewelry. When choosing lipstick, they should choose pink, coral, cherry blossom colors,…

Choose Lipstick According to Age

For young people under the age of 20, it is advisable to prioritize vibrant, fresh, and youthful colors. For example, pink, orange, orange, and pink.

For mature women aged 30 and older, colors like dark red, brown-red, wine red,… are wise choices.

For middle-aged women, it is recommended to choose lighter colors like peach, lotus pink.

Choose Lipstick According to Occasion

Depending on the occasion such as going out, working, attending parties, women choose suitable lipstick colors.

For example, when attending a party, the outfit, hairstyle, and makeup are usually more sophisticated than usual to create a standout and attractive look. Therefore, the accompanying lipstick colors should also be expressive of power, strength, and radiance. Some color tones to consider are dark red, bright red, orange-red, or you can be creative with lavender, greenish-purple, deep purple.

When going to work, it is important to have a serious and elegant demeanor. Therefore, lipstick colors like coral pink, peach, brick red, brick brown, and medium red should be chosen. These are gentle yet attractive colors.

When going out for coffee, strolling, or traveling, women tend to wear dynamic and youthful outfits such as flared dresses, T-shirts, shorts. Suitable lipstick colors are peach pink, orange pink, earthy pink,…

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