5 Common Mistakes in Facial Mask Application That Sabotage Your Efforts

You might even be making mistakes with your skincare routine that are causing your skin to deteriorate even more.


Face masks are one of the best skincare steps, said to be as good as using conventional skincare products up to 10 times. However, not every woman knows how to use a face mask to achieve optimal results. In fact, you may be making mistakes with your face mask that are causing your skin to deteriorate.

Using only one type all year round

If it’s hot and sunny in the summer, you should prioritize deep cleansing, whitening, and acne prevention masks such as clay masks and activated charcoal masks. In the winter and spring, the recommended type of mask is one that moisturizes and fights aging, such as Hyaluronic Acid masks and collagen masks. Using the same type of mask all year round will not yield optimal results. Your skin, exposed to the same nutrients for a long time, will become greasy and unable to absorb them properly.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose and change different types of masks depending on the condition of your skin at that time. Using only one type of mask cannot meet the changing needs of your skin and may not deliver the desired results.

Not using specialized eye masks

The skin around the eyes is often sensitive and prone to wrinkles, but it is often neglected. As a result, you may not achieve the youthful appearance you desire. Nowadays, there are many specialized eye masks available. Using them along with regular eye creams twice a day will surely give you bright, energetic “windows to the soul”.

Applying the mask immediately after washing your face

To balance the pH level of your skin, you should use a facial mist or gently pat a suitable toner onto your skin before applying the mask. This simple step will soothe your skin and prepare it to absorb the nutrients from the mask. It is also important to lie down and relax instead of sitting, allowing your skin to rest and ensuring even distribution of the nutrients from the mask.

Applying the mask too thickly

When you apply a thick layer of mask on your skin, your pores have to enlarge to absorb the nutrients, which can cause your pores to become larger and create conditions for dirt and bacteria to easily penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin.

Not washing your hands before applying the mask

Our hands often come into contact with various objects and can harbor bacteria and allergens. This can reduce the effectiveness of the mask. Therefore, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands or use a brush to apply the mask, avoiding using your fingers to create a clean and hygienic mask layer on your face.

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