Guide to Post-Epilation Skin Care

Are you wondering how to properly care for your skin after using an epilator or epilator? Dien May XANH can provide insight to help you ensure your skin is in tip-top shape!


2 Tips for Proper Skin Care During Shaving and Waxing

Shaving and Waxing Before

To prepare for shaving, it is recommended to shower or apply a towel with warm water. This helps to soften the skin, remove oil, and sweat, ultimately making the shaving process up to 60% easier. It is not necessary to take a long bath, a simple massage of the body under warm water for approximately 2-3 minutes is sufficient.

 tắm hoặc chườm khăn

Shaving the skin while it is dry is a common mistake that leads to the growth of harder and thicker hair. This practice damages the skin and its pores, causing hair to become more prone to thickening.

To enhance the shaving experience, it is recommended to apply a layer of specialized shaving gel or light moisturizer prior to shaving in order to protect and soothe the skin, reducing discomfort.

bôi lớp gel chuyên dụng

After Shaving: Hair Removal

After waxing, it is recommended to clean your feet using cool water or apply ice to close the pores.

rửa sạch chân với nước mát hoặc chườm đá

Applying moisturizer to the skin after shaving is essential due to its vulnerability. Doing so helps to smoothen the skin and minimize any resulting burning sensation. Prior to application, it is recommended to gently pat the skin dry using a soft cotton towel. Afterwards, a thin layer of moisturizer should be delicately applied to the skin.

thoa kem dưỡng ẩm

It is advised to avoid using olive oil and coconut oil as they can promote accelerated hair growth.

Tips for Maintaining Smooth, Beautiful Skin through Shaving and Waxing

Selecting a Reputable Hair Removal Shaver of High Quality

The effectiveness of the razor’s performance as well as the technique used during shaving are key factors that influence the rate of hair regrowth.

It is important to ensure that your epilator is of high quality and comes from a reputable brand in order to avoid any potential harm to your skin. Trusted brands in the field of hair removal and shaving machines, such as Panasonic and Beurer, are widely recommended by women.

Chọn máy cạo tẩy lông chất lượng tốt, uy tín

Choosing a Skin Care Regimen

To begin shaving, it is recommended to start with the “easy” areas of your skin, such as the surface of your hands and feet. Ensure a steady and deliberate motion as you glide the knife in a specific direction.

For those hard-to-shave areas, such as behind the knees and thighs, ankles, or areas near the last bone, waxing is highly recommended. This is especially true for sensitive bikini areas. Waxing provides a more effective and long-lasting solution compared to traditional shaving methods.

Lựa chọn vùng da

Warning: Avoid Using Warm Water

Many women often overlook the importance of properly caring for their skin after waxing, bathing, or using warm water to cleanse their skin. However, this practice can be detrimental to the health of their skin. The reason behind this is that warm water causes the skin to expand, making it more susceptible to bacterial penetration. Therefore, it is crucial for individuals to be mindful of their skincare routines and avoid exposing their skin to warm water in order to maintain optimal skin health.

Không dùng nước ấm

Reversing the Direction of Your Shave

During the initial shaving process, it is recommended to only shave in the direction of hair growth on the legs. Once the hair is sufficiently short and the skin warm, soft, and properly lubricated, you can proceed to shave in the opposite direction to thoroughly remove hair from the root.

Cạo ngược chiều lông mọc

If you have sensitive skin, it is not recommended to shave against the direction of hair growth. Doing so can cause issues such as ingrown hairs, irritation, and skin abrasions.

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