=>How to Identify Authentic Skin Aqua Sunscreen

Are you worried about determining the authenticity of your Skin Aqua sunscreen? If so, this article is for you! We are going to provide some useful advice on how to identify genuine and counterfeit versions of the product. Keep reading to find out more!


How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Skin Aqua Sunscreen

Skin Aqua sunscreen is a crucial product, especially the one from the beloved and widely sold Skin Aqua brand. However, due to its popularity, there are many counterfeit versions available in the market. In this article, we will provide you with tips to help you immediately distinguish between genuine and counterfeit products.

1. Consider the Selling Price

Skin Aqua sunscreenSkin Aqua sunscreen

Genuine sunscreen products typically range from 150,000 to 250,000 VND, whereas counterfeit products are often sold for just over 100,000 VND. However, be aware that some counterfeit products are being sold at the genuine price. Therefore, it is essential to consider other distinguishing factors besides the price.

2. Examine the External Packaging

Identify Skin Aqua sunscreen through the appearance of the external packagingIdentify Skin Aqua sunscreen through the appearance of the external packaging

One method to distinguish between genuine and fake Skin Aqua sunscreen is by examining the design of the external packaging. Genuine products have sharp, slender text with long fonts, and the packaging color appears clear and authentic. In contrast, counterfeit products often display blurry, fuzzy text with larger, shorter fonts, and the colors may appear artificial or blurry.

Furthermore, genuine sunscreen tubes have clear border lines on the cap, while counterfeit ones may appear blurry. Genuine sunscreen tubes also have small, delicately twisted lines on the cap and a small round tube head, whereas counterfeit ones have a larger, rough tube head and a dark blue tone. Please note that the designs of Skin Aqua sunscreen may change over time, so it is advisable to stay updated on new product models.

3. Observe the Cream’s Consistency during Application

Distinguish Skin Aqua sunscreen by the consistency of the cream when applyingDistinguish Skin Aqua sunscreen by the consistency of the cream when applying

Genuine sunscreen typically has a liquid essence consistency with a light purple color that effectively adjusts skin tone and conceals imperfections. On the other hand, counterfeit creams are often thick and sticky with a dark purple or slightly bluish color.

When applied, genuine Skin Aqua sunscreen is quickly absorbed by the skin without any stickiness or discomfort. It provides a natural, gentle brightening effect, blending seamlessly with the skin tone. In contrast, counterfeit products may leave a slightly sticky, shiny feeling on the skin and a brighter tone compared to the natural skin, indicating that they are fake.

For the spray form of Skin Aqua sunscreen, if you shake it and it doesn’t make much noise, the inner solution is thick and the foam is smooth without clumps. However, if shaking it produces loud noise from the particles inside and the initial spray results in thick, white foam resembling soap bubbles, it is a fake product.

4. Use the Barcode to Verify Product Information

Use the barcode to check genuine and fake Skin Aqua sunscreenUse the barcode to check genuine and fake Skin Aqua sunscreen

Checking the barcode is a common method consumers use to verify the origin, source, information, and expiration date of a product. Since most Japanese domestic cosmetic brands do not print the expiration date on the packaging, scanning the barcode provides clearer information.

There are several software applications available, such as iCheck Scanner and Barcode Vi?t, that allow you to scan the barcode and display complete product information, including the manufacturing country and company, distribution address and company, and detailed product information or expiration date. If you are unable to scan the product barcode, it may indicate a fake product.

5. Purchase from Reliable Retailers of Japanese Domestic Products

Reliable places to purchase Japanese domestic productsReliable places to purchase Japanese domestic products

In conclusion, this article has provided you with tips to distinguish between genuine and fake Skin Aqua sunscreen. We hope this guide helps you choose genuine products to effectively take care of your skin!