Revealing the Secret to Perfectly Crispy Fried Dishes: We Have Been Using the Wrong Pan!

Are you always disappointed with the lack of crisp and golden-brown texture of your homemade fried food? Professional chefs make it look easy to get perfectly fried food every time, but somehow you never quite achieve the same results.


The use of non-stick pans in households has become commonplace since its invention. It has proven to be a valuable tool for housewives in their cooking endeavors. However, have you ever noticed that no matter how much effort you put into frying and cooking, your dishes never turn out as crispy and golden as those made by professional chefs? The culprit here lies in the type of pan that you are using.

Non-stick pans, while useful, are not the ideal choice for frying and cooking dishes. It may surprise you to learn that professional chefs never use non-stick pans for frying food. Instead, they opt for aluminum pans, stainless steel pans, copper pans, and cast iron pans. Each type of pan has its own advantages, but in general, they all have the capability to produce perfectly crispy and delicious fried dishes.

Aluminum pans are the most commonly used pans in restaurants and eateries. They are not only affordable but also possess good heat distribution, ensuring the food cooks evenly, especially when it comes to frying dishes. Additionally, stainless steel pans are also widely embraced by numerous restaurants. Cast iron pans and copper pans are particularly favored by top chefs around the world.

The secret to crispy fried dishes lies in the pan that we have been using the wrong pan for so long - Photo 1.

Aluminum pans are affordable and possess good heat distribution. (Photo: Internet)

The secret to crispy fried dishes lies in the pan that we have been using the wrong pan for so long - Photo 2.

Stainless steel pans are widely embraced by many restaurants. (Photo: Internet)

However, these two types of pans have their drawbacks. Copper pans tend to be relatively expensive, making them less common in restaurants. On the other hand, cast iron pans can be a bit heavy. Nevertheless, many chefs still prefer cast iron pans due to their superior heat distribution, surpassing that of aluminum pans. This feature ensures that fried dishes achieve the desired level of crispiness. In fact, cast iron pans are not only reserved for frying dishes, as chefs often use them for a wide range of culinary creations.

The secret to crispy fried dishes lies in the pan that we have been using the wrong pan for so long - Photo 3.

Cast iron pans are favored by chefs due to their excellent heat distribution. (Photo: Internet)

On the other hand, non-stick pans should be reserved for frying eggs or making pancakes exclusively.

The secret to crispy fried dishes lies in the pan that we have been using the wrong pan for so long - Photo 4.

Non-stick pans should only be used for frying eggs or making pancakes. (Photo: Internet)

Now that we are aware of the appropriate type of pan for frying and cooking, let us remember to share this valuable tip with everyone.

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