Improve your appearance with a daily dose of ginger, expert suggests

Ginger is not just a spice used in cooking, but also an effective beauty ingredient.


Ginger is a common spice in Vietnamese cuisine and is also an ingredient in many supplements. According to traditional Chinese medicine, ginger has a warm and spicy taste that helps to detoxify and dispel cold. Modern analysis shows that ginger is rich in vitamin C and minerals such as magnesium and potassium. In particular, ginger contains gingerol, which has antioxidant effects and is beneficial for health. You can use ginger to make ginger tea, ginger-soaked dishes, etc. for daily consumption.

Ginger protects the skin against aging

Because ginger contains antioxidants, it is good for health and helps to eliminate free radicals. Using ginger helps maintain good health and promotes blood circulation for a bright and rosy complexion.

Ginger treats acne

Due to its antibacterial properties, ginger can be used to cleanse the skin and treat acne. Ginger helps to fight bacteria in the digestive system and has anti-inflammatory effects in the body.

Remedy for dandruff and hair growth

Ginger has antibacterial and disinfectant properties, so it can help solve problems with the scalp and dandruff. Using ginger for hair washing and conditioning can improve blood circulation and nourish the hair follicles.

Soothes sunburned and burned skin

Ginger helps to quickly soothe the skin due to its antioxidant effects. You can apply diluted ginger water to sunburned and unblistered burned areas to help soothe them. Of course, hot ginger oil should not be used, only diluted ginger water.

Ginger aids weight loss

Ginger helps to improve digestion and promote better metabolism. Therefore, ginger helps to reduce bloating and improves metabolic activity. Adding ginger to your diet can enhance your metabolism. When you feel nausea or discomfort, ginger can help alleviate these symptoms.

Note when using ginger:

Ginger is very good for health and beauty, however, some people should limit their use of ginger: nursing mothers, people with high fever, people with high blood pressure, etc. Limiting means using ginger as a seasoning in regular meals without excessive use.

To enhance the effectiveness of skin beauty and weight loss, you should add ginger to steep tea or drink ginger lemon honey water daily. Note that choosing fresh ginger will have a stronger aroma.

It is recommended to use ginger in the morning, noon, and afternoon, and avoid using it in the evening before going to bed.

Use moderate diluted ginger water, do not use too concentrated, as it may cause a burning sensation.

When using ginger water to wash your face, it is advisable to dilute the ginger extract to avoid using it too concentrated. You can also use diluted ginger water for bathing to help relax and promote blood circulation.