Miss Do Ha caught on camera with a prominent young tycoon, attracting attention with her remarkable actions.

The stunning beauty from Thanh Hoa has yet to officially confirm this information.


Recently, Miss Do Thi Ha attended a luxurious year-end dinner at a restaurant. However, this time she appeared alongside a young man. Particularly, the well-known young man gave a speech at the event, and Do Thi Ha proactively held her phone to capture the moment. Currently, this video clip is receiving a lot of attention from netizens.

Do Thi Ha was crowned Miss Vietnam 2020 at the age of 19. The beauty continues to embark on the international beauty stage. She made it to the top 27 in the talent competition, top 16 in the Head to Head Challenge, top 13 in the Top Model event, and finished in the top 13 overall at Miss World 2021.

Although her reign has ended, Do Thi Ha is still a beloved figure among the public. She has shared about herself and the process of preparing for international competitions in the past. She said it was a very stressful period because she faced a lot of criticism and underestimation about the difficulty of advancing in this competition.

She revealed, “At the time when I was crowned preparing for Miss World, I received many negative comments like ‘Why compete when you won’t make it to the top?’, ‘Not worthy,’…”.

However, after all, she calmed down and realized that she needed to stay calm and respond to the negative comments from netizens with her own actions. She said, “Should I stoop to the level of rebutting every comment? That would be pointless, and people would continue to attack me. The only thing I can do is to try my best to prove to them that I am worthy, to make them change their perception of me.”

Do Thi Ha emphasizes that in the future, she will arrange her time to pursue a master’s degree and continue her educational path. She shared, “No matter what, I have to aim higher and strive harder every day. Education is also a way for me to develop management and leadership skills. I believe that learning will give me an advantage when participating in future business activities.”, she said.