Quickly Get the Hair You Want: Simple Hair Straightening Tips for at Home

Do you want to explore your feminine side and create your own signature hairstyle at home? Learn how to achieve beautiful straight hair easily with these simple hair straightening tips using a hair styler.


1 Prepare Before Straightening Hair

To achieve straight, beautiful, and damage-free hair, it is important to follow these steps before straightening your hair at home:

  • Thoroughly wash your hair before straightening: Do not straighten dirty hair as it can cause damage. Allow your hair to dry naturally or use a hairdryer after washing.
  • Apply or spray hair care products: Use hair care products to protect your hair and minimize damage from the heat of a hair styler.
  • Comb your hair straight, avoiding tangles: Use a comb to straighten your hair from top to bottom, ensuring it is not tangled or stuck together. This will help distribute heat evenly and facilitate quick straightening.

Prepare Before Straightening Hair

2 Carrying Out Hair Straightening

Step 1: Choose a suitable hair styler.

It is recommended to use a hair styler with optical ceramic technology for hair straightening. This type of hair styler, with ceramic clip material, heats up faster and emits negative ions to smooth the hair, increase moisture, and effectively reduce flyaways compared to conventional machines.

Carrying Out Hair Straightening - Step 1

Step 2: Carry out the hair straightening process.

Start by setting the heat of the hair styler to the highest level to quickly heat the clamp. Slowly reduce the temperature while straightening until it doesn’t feel too hot. Avoid relying on the theory that higher temperature equals faster and better hair straightening, as excessive heat can damage your hair.

When straightening your hair, follow these steps:

  • Divide your hair into small sections: Section your hair from the inside to the outside, starting from the bottom of your neck to the top of your head.
  • Pin the upper part of your hair: Use a hairpin to hold the upper part of your hair and straighten the inner sections. Each section should be approximately 5 cm thick.
  • After straightening a section of your hair, release the clamp, slowly straighten the hair until the end, and avoid straightening too much hair at once. This will help maintain straightness for a longer duration.

Carrying Out Hair Straightening - Step 2

While straightening your hair, it is important to use a comb to straighten your hair first before using a straightener. Additionally, ensure that you move the hair styler slowly to achieve smooth hair and minimize damage.

Straighten each section of your hair 2 to 3 times. If the desired straightness is not achieved, divide the section into smaller parts and straighten them.

3 After Straightening Hair

After straightening your hair, follow these steps:

– Use the cool drying mode of the hair dryer to quickly cool down your hair.

– Apply hair conditioner to keep your hair straight for a longer time and prevent tangles or damage.

After Straightening Hair

For effective hair straightening and protection, please apply the above tips. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below the article!