Don’t rush to put the just-bought gio cha in the refrigerator, do it this way to keep it fresh and delicious

Tết Cold Cut wants to stay fresh and delicious for up to a month with just a simple method.


The Best Way to Store and Preserve Sausages and Pork Rolls

Sausages and pork rolls are must-have dishes in the traditional Vietnamese Lunar New Year. To preserve gio lua, gio bo, and cha, store them in the refrigerated compartment or an area with temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius. If you keep them in the refrigerator, they can be stored for 4-6 days. If stored in the freezer, they can be preserved for 10-20 days.

When you store the sausages and pork rolls in the freezer, remember to thaw them before consumption. You can let them thaw at room temperature for 4 hours or place them in the refrigerator for approximately 8 hours before eating.

When storing in the refrigerator, you can preserve the sausages and pork rolls in the refrigerated compartment or an area with temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius.

The Best Way to Store and Preserve Pork Ear Sausage and Pork Head Sausage During Tet

For dishes like pork ear sausage and pork head sausage, which require a cold environment due to their sticky texture, it is advisable to store them in the refrigerator.

Note: When storing these sausages in the refrigerator, wrap them carefully with banana leaves. This method can help maintain their freshness and aroma.

Every time you cut and consume the sausages, make sure to wrap them tightly with food wrap. Leaving them unwrapped increases the risk of bacterial contamination from the refrigerator, which can cause spoilage.

The Best Way to Use Preserved Sausages

For gio lua, gio bo, fried sausages, etc., after storing them in the refrigerator, take them out approximately 1 hour before consumption. This will allow the sausages to warm slightly and enhance their taste.

As for pork ear sausage, since it is a dish that is not meant to be eaten hot immediately and requires refrigeration for a period of time after cooking, storing it in the refrigerator will result in a better taste. Therefore, after cutting it for consumption, put it back immediately in the refrigerated compartment. This will help maintain its chewiness and crispness.

Sausages and pork rolls are traditional Vietnamese dishes enjoyed during Tet. To preserve them during this festive season, don’t forget to follow the aforementioned methods to ensure your sausages stay fresh, chewy, and delicious!

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