Rock the look with flared jeans for a stunning style statement in any outfit combination

There are many ways to style straight-legged jeans, so you should explore different options to keep your summer look fresh and diverse.


To have the best way to wear your favorite denim pants without revealing the flaws of your legs, the wide-leg jeans are the answer. This classic item is extremely versatile, flattering, and comfortable enough that you don’t want to change it. It scores no matter what style you wear, with an absolute figure-hacking effect.

A pair of light wide-leg jeans with a lace-trimmed blouse, high heels, and a shoulder bag to complete the Parisian Chic style is the love of the cool days. In the current cold weather like the end of winter, these pants are suitable when paired with a knitted turtleneck and a waist-defining belt to hack your figure and enhance your waist.

The design of the loose straight-leg pants is a powerful figure-hacking weapon. It eliminates any imperfections that make you lose confidence, such as curvy or bulky legs.

The wide-leg feature combined with a high-waisted fit perfectly hugs the waist, unintentionally helping to slim down the waist and enhance the round and alluring buttocks.

Pay attention to the width/tightness of the pants with the thighs, knees to the lower calves, as well as the desired length – touching the heels, grazing the heel of the shoe or just reaching the ankles. If you have an average figure, you should not “covet” the pants with excessively wide legs, while tall girls can choose jeans more comfortably.

Wide-leg jeans can be paired with a variety of shoe styles, the color of the shoes should match the bag or the shirt/scarf.

Combine wide-leg jeans with a tailored blazer. Depending on the weather conditions, the space, and the temperature where you will be working, choose the appropriate blazer material – fur, tweed, khaki, or organza…


In addition to the regular wide-leg shape that extends from the hips to the pant hem, some designs deliberately shrink the lower leg area.


When combining this outfit with wide-leg jeans, you will have a youthful, sweet appearance. Don’t forget the half-tuck technique because it helps you optimize your figure with vertical-leg jeans, even when wearing flat shoes, the overall look is still tall.


Ryujin of ITZY has a personality, rough appearance when pairing a white crop top with wide-leg jeans. This outfit has a subtle color tone but still makes the wearer stand out.

Han So Hee does not look older when wearing this outfit because she cleverly combines a dark-colored blouse with blue jeans. Thanks to this, her appearance is youthful, fashionable, and still elegant. When pairing wide-leg jeans with a high waist with high heels, it will definitely hack the figure even more.


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